Save me! (16+)

My names Carrie and I used to be a campion horse rider until my horse and father died. My mom went crazy and started selling me a a a sex slave until One Direction came into town and Niall found me, he promises to get me out of here. How will he do it, and what will happen if he does?

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13. Going Home

We got all out bags packed and I signed myself out of the ER. Told me to take care of myself the usual bull shit, after that we walked out. A limo was waiting for us and the limo driver grabbed out bags and we got in. I sat between Niall and Harry. 'Are we flying out of Albany?' I ask, an open ended question. 'Yeah, why?' Zayn asked. He'd been looking at me funny ever since Niall rescued me. I shrugged, I didn't feel like talking anymore. I looked down and my face dropped. Niall seeing this grabbed my hand and looked at me. I refused to look up. This was going to be a long trip. I rested my head on his shoulder, keeping my gaze down. My eyes fluttered trying to stay awake but with no prevail. I fell asleep with my head on his shoulder.

I woke up and sat up, tensing. Niall feeling this grabbed my hand and kissed my cheek. I looked up to see Zayn staring at me coldly as I looked down again. The limo driver spoke breaking the silence, 'Were here.' With that the limo came to a stop and all the boys put on shades and put their hoods up. We got out and I grabbed Niall's hand. This grip tightened and wouldn't budge. My gaze was still on the floor. We got to our gate and got on the plane. Me and Niall sat in the back. Louie and Harry sat in front of us and Zayn in the very front. I sat in my seat and stared at the ground. 'Honey are you okay?' I stared at the ground and shook my head. Niall nudged me trying to get an answer. All the boys were laughing and playing around. A tear fell from my eye and hit the floor. Niall quickly wiped my tears and grabbed my face. Looking into his eyes I bit my lip and looked at Zayn who returned a cold look that Niall caught. Niall looked at me and kissed my forehead, got up and grabbed Zayn by the collar and dragged him into the other room. Louie Harry and Liam just stared at me then we all looked when we started to hear Niall yell. I was so tired of yelling. I put my hands to my ears and sat there. I felt people all around me an knew it was the boys but I wasn't moving till I felt Niall. After a few minuets I felt him and looked up. Then I saw Zayn looking at me. 'Im sorry' he whispered. I nodded and Niall sat besides me and the boys went back to their game. Me and Niall fell asleep in each others arms.

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