Save me! (16+)

My names Carrie and I used to be a campion horse rider until my horse and father died. My mom went crazy and started selling me a a a sex slave until One Direction came into town and Niall found me, he promises to get me out of here. How will he do it, and what will happen if he does?

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8. Bad News

I woke up in a bed and looked around. Niall's hand was near mine and his head resting on the bed, sleeping. 'Hes so cute when he sleeps' I thought to myself. Looking around I saw that I was in a hospital. I didn't want to wake Niall to ask him what was going on, so I just laid there watching him. When he breathed his back moved up and down. The warm breath on my hand and his hand inches away from mine, I loved it. Niall raised his head and his eyes fluttered open. I closed mine quick so he wouldn't know I was looking at him. His hand moved and grabbed mine, bringing it up to his face he kissed it. I opened my eyes and looked at him. He just smiled. 'You okay Carrie?' He asked. I nodded and asked what happened. 'You fainted and I was worried. You were out for over 10 minutes so I had them take you to the hospital.' My eyes searching his with confusion, I didn't remember. 'You've been out for two days..' Niall said in a shaky voice. I gripped his hand tight, scared. 'You haven't been here the whole time have you?' He nodded and I looked at him in disbelief. I scooted over to the other side of the bed and rolled over, staring at the wall. 'Am I going to be okay?' I whispered. I felt the sheets lift and Niall climb into the bed with me. I rolled back over and put my head in his chest and he held me tight. 'Carrie, I know we haven't known each other long but will you be my girlfriend?' He whispered. I looked and him and tears welling up in my eyes I nodded, then put my head back into his chest. He rested his chin on my head and we fell asleep.

An hour or so later there was a knock at the door, the doctor walked in. I sat up and looked at him, as did Niall. 'I have some bad new' Our jaws dropped and I began to wonder if I'll ever get anything good in life.

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