Save me! (16+)

My names Carrie and I used to be a campion horse rider until my horse and father died. My mom went crazy and started selling me a a a sex slave until One Direction came into town and Niall found me, he promises to get me out of here. How will he do it, and what will happen if he does?

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7. A New What?

When I woke the next morning still in Niall's arms. His breathing moving his chest up and down, his hands were still locked together on my lap. I took a deep breath in wanting this to never end. We hit a bump in the road waking Niall. 'Damn' I thought to myself. Niall's droopy eyes half open as if he were still half asleep. His arms drew tighter as if he was wanting to protect me. My face formed a half smile and I looked away. Zayn, Harry, Louie and Liam sat there as if they've been up for hours. 'What time is it?' Niall asked sleepily. 'Almost 11:30' Harry replied. I sat up and got off of Niall. All of the boys smiled and stared at me. 'What?' Louis opened his mouth first. 'You two would be cute together.' I blushed and so did Niall. He scratched the back of his neck and I played with my hair. 'Where are we going?' I asked, getting more comfortable with talking to the boys. Niall yawned and with smoothness rested his arm behind me, his hand on my shoulder while saying, we have a concert a few more towns over. Then were going home' my eyes started to bug out, 'where am I going then?' Niall looked at me and everyone blurted out that I would be staying with them. I just about cried, Niall wiping away my tears said, 'there's more.' The other boys pushing him into it, 'I don't know' he said. 'What could it possibly be?' I half laughed, half cried while playfully pushing his shoulder. 'Well when me and the boys found out you rode horses professionally, we umm. Starting getting some renovations done at the house.' My eyes began to widen, looking around I saw the boy starting at me smiling. Looking back at Niall, he grabbed my hands and began to talk again, 'we're having a big new barn, indoor arena and high end paddocks built.' I started feeling light headed, he said one more thing. 'You can buy a new horse if you want. Anyone that you want that's for sale' I don't remember anything else because I fainted.

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