Not a normal girl

15 year old reporter Jordan White interviews one direction they instantly want to know more about this girl


3. on my way

I feel my leg vibrate and the mocking jay song, it's my text tone

I look at the screen of my phone

From the idiot (Marcie)

Hi the 1D address is : AA32G74 the river of the tears on Alley way

To the idiot (Marcie)

Kay! Btw stop making my life hell, would really appreciate it xx hate Jordan :)

Honestly she is such a baby

I walk up to the river of the tears and open the clear glass door and I have to push past all the 'press' and walk up to the very stereotypical English assistant by the way it's all an act for the American cameras

"Ummm I'm Jordan White from teen magazine and I'm hear to interview one direction"

"Sorry because your a teenager I can't let you in without speaking to a boss"

"Yea sure" I hand her my phone with Travis number already ringing

"Hello yes I'm here with mrs Jordan White and she says she is hear to interview one direction" she smiles "correct can you just authorise it by emailing me please" she pauses "thankyou" she hangs up the phone.

"He is just emailing me that you are who you say you are" she says and before I can reply "yes it's here, here is your badge"

I walk down the corridor showing my badge to every security guard

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