Not a normal girl

15 year old reporter Jordan White interviews one direction they instantly want to know more about this girl


2. getting ready

"White?" I hear a voice shout

"What" I shout back

"Get here" the voice screams

"Where's here" I shout laughing slightly I can't be serious...ever

"In the kitchen" it screams

I slowly make my way over to the kitchen

"Hey Travis" I say weary

"Boss to you, white! Right... Don't scream, don't cry, don't Harass them about following you on your tweets or anything"

"Don't worry I won't!" I state

"And it's twitter" I say walking off

I grab my camera, for the interview, note pad and my satchel with my lap top.

"My heart, this heart, it beats only for you, beats for you" I hear in a loud screamo voice from my pocket and every one else hears it too, I pick up my phone

"Hello?" I say in to the phone

"Remember to go to Marcie for the address of the interview place!" Travis screams down the phone

"I will!, where are you?" I ask

"Behind you!" He says

I hang up and turn around

"Why did you phone me you were right behind me?" I ask

"You weren't listening to me so I knew you pick up your phone!" He says

He has got a point

I sigh and walk out "Marcie what's the 1D interview address?"

"I'll text it to you, just don't be late" she shouts

"Ok bye" I walk out Idiot!

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