Lost In The Music

Savannah and her friends are lost, but not in the way you think. They're lost in music. Life at Camden brooks high is boring for the 'musical freaks' until one day when a competition begins. You audition, and if you get called you will go and live in a house with One Direction and your competition. The catch? You will face physical and mental challenges as well as vocal ones. There's only one other thing, you may not get attached to one of the boys, or you're automatically out. The winner will go on tour with One Direction, but is anyone willing to sacrifice their career for love? Savannah's mind says 'no', but her heart just might say 'yes'.


1. 'Scum'

Savannah's p.o.v

 I brush my pink hair out of my face and open my locker as Sami walks to hers. "hey Sammers," I say. She taps her ears "sorry," I whisper, pulling my headphones off

"you know one day you're going to go deaf, I mean, I love getting lost in my music too, but..." she trails off

"I appreciate your concern, Sami, but kindly fuck off," I respond promptly, earning a laugh from her.

"wait, I missed the joke! tell it again!" Gwynne says, pulling books out of our locker. We share a locker due to the fact that Ashlynn, our schools mean girl, has a locker next to the one she used to live in.

"Gwynne, hush for God's sake! We don't want to get noticed!" Sami hisses

"I do," Isabelle and I say at the same time "heyyyyyy," we laugh

"excuse me," says a husky accent from behind me, possibly an Irish one "where's the music room?" it asks. I turn around, greeted by 5 boys in dark hoodies and sunglasses.

"follow me" I say, turning on my heel. My combat boots click on the linoleum floor as we walk down the hall. I push open the door to the stairs, only to see Ashlynn and her group of air heads

"oh looky here, it's the leader of the scum on her way to her natural habitat! And she has friends! How much did you pay them?" She taunts. I roll my eyes and keep walking, pretending she doesn't phase me even though I want to cry. I bite my cheek to prevent that from happening. "Hey, bitch! I asked you a question!" She yells, pushing me into a wall. I shove her back

"Yes, you did. But I have this condition its called Ignoreallbitchesitis. So i'm sorry but I don't feel like going to the hospital today." I smile sweetly, too sweetly, like when you eat too much frosting and you feel sick. She throws a punch at my stomach but I pull an Isabelle and grab her arm, twisting it and throwing her against a wall, smushing her face on to the cold cinder blocks. "you wanna try that again?" I ask, getting up by her chubby face.

"Let me go! Please?"

"Just this once," I spit at her, pushing her in to the wall and then releasing. 

She walks away, taking them with her.

"Jesus…" blondie whispers in shock, "tough girl much."

"You learn after a while." I retort, pushing open the door "we're here."

"Thanks. Do you have music?" He asks

"Yeah, why?"

"Just curious."

And with that, I leave.

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