Danniella who goes by the name danny is a 14 year old is obsessed with bands and you tubers and just general teenager stuff, she isolates herself from the world just stuck in her room and is a professional Fangirl!!!
the story of a real fangirl


2. my brothers hose

"hey sis" he smiles i just brake down in tears he hugs me "every things gunnu be okay" he says 

we release the hug

"can i stay with you for a couple days while I find some where else to live?" i ask while getting over the tears

"sis, how long have i wanted you to live with me" he smiles we drive up to his place, its not unfamiliar to me, he opens the door "hey danny, come with me" he smiles and i smile back, i follow him upstairs and he opens the door to a giant game room with a ps3, 3 xbox, wii and loads of nintendo ds and 2 massage chairs

"woooooaaaahhhh" I say as im pulled in by all the consoles "jai!" i turn to him he laughs

"you like ?" he laughs

"ummm YES!!!!" i scream

"lets go get some real food in you" he smiles

we run downstairs and in to the kitchen

"want a cheese burger?" he asks

"hell yeah!" i shout

we weren't aloud junk food at home so junk food is like heaven

he cooks it in the microwave

"beep beep beep" the microwave went off

he put it on a plate and i almost ate it whole.

"want to get settled into your room?" he asks

"kay, i know where it is" i say walking up the stair, i walk past heaven again -the game room-

and in to my new room open my bag and first thing i get out is my youtube poster  and hang it above where the bed it i move the bed around untill i get it in the right place, Jason wont mind,  then open the doors to a giant walk in wardrobe, there is two wardrobes?, i think to myself "nope" i say to myself and talk out all the coat hangers and put my the bean bag from the other side of the room in there and hang some pewdie pie and dan and phil posters in there "that will have to do for now, I guess" I say to myself, then go put my jumpers and t shirts and my skull top that mum wouldn't let me have in the other wardrobe and then my jeans and then everything else, it still dosn't  feel like home, but it will.

"decorating?" i hear jason say behind me

"ahhh jason, you scared me, and yes decorating!" I tell him

"its empty" he tells me "tomorrow he are going shopping for clothes and furniture and what ever else you want"

"I love you jai-jai" we smile

"you to danny" he smiles "sleep now!"

"kk" i say

"and by sleep i mean get in to bed and play on your phone till 3 in the morning" he smiles

"your epic!" i tell him

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