Danniella who goes by the name danny is a 14 year old is obsessed with bands and you tubers and just general teenager stuff, she isolates herself from the world just stuck in her room and is a professional Fangirl!!!
the story of a real fangirl


3. decorating my new room

"shoppppppppppppppiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnngggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!" jayson screams while bouncing into my room

"let me sleep!" i groan

"no! up now ! we can out for some fatty breakfast then shopping !" he screams

"breakfast?" i shout while sitting up fast laughing

"get dressed" ill be back in 10

i jump up grab my skull top and red jeans and camo waist coat and white converse run down and Jayson is on the phone screaming at someone

"NO!" he says to who ever is on the other line

"NO I AM NOT GOING TO DO THAT!" and he screams this down the phone to i wonder who it is

he just hangs up and slams down the phone

"who was that ?" I ask

"mum!" he says

"what did she want ?" i ask

"it dosn't matter, lets go" he says 

we smile then run outside and get in the car

-4 hours later-


"good time?" Jayson asks me

"GOOD!" i say

"lets go decorate your room then" he smiles we run upstairs

we get my 3 posters i bought

"paramore and dan and phil over by my bed and pokemon in my wardrobe" i say

"the wardrobe in now called my cool place, witch is where i shall have a bean bag and a disco light and a mini fridge and a laptop" i say while smiling

"okay" he tells me

then we put the disco light and some posters up and a mini fridge in my cool place then we take off the doors and put some beads up as like curtains. Then we decorate the rest of my room 

"where do you want this last poster?" Jai asks me

"in the game room" i smile

"okay, hey come here" he says while walking in to my cool place, with me following him, he neal's  down and moves the bean bag and opens a little door and then walks through it right to the game room 

"wanna play?" he asks me

"hell yeah!" i say

we sit down on the big black game chair and play on pokemon and minecraft for hours

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