Danniella who goes by the name danny is a 14 year old is obsessed with bands and you tubers and just general teenager stuff, she isolates herself from the world just stuck in her room and is a professional Fangirl!!!
the story of a real fangirl


1. i have always been diffrent

Danny's pov


I have always been different, just not the same as the other girls, not all pink and obsessed with my hair and make up, like in primary school the other girls went to school in dresses and skirts, and i went in trousers  and i just... didn't. every one would say as i got older i would become more "girly" but that's the opposite of what happened I got even more boyish and stuff. 

"Danniella" my mum shouts

"ye?" i shout back

"dinner is ready" my mum shouts

"kay" i shout and run downstairs  

"thanks, can i eat upstairs please?" i ask

"no,we have guests, remember?" she smiles

i groan and sit by the table

"hello danniella" says my dads obnoxious work friend and his wife

"hey" i state

my mum gasps at my "rudeness"

"go upstairs and change your clothes!" my mum tells me

"why?" i ask

"because a baseball jumper and leggings are NOT ecseptable" she smiles 

i get up and go change into the lace dress she has lade out on my bed, i put it on and walk downstairs and sit down at the table again

"and the shoes" my mother tells me

i run back upstairs and slip on the blue heels my mother put by my bed, i run downstairs sit down and eat my dinner as fast as i can 

"can i leave now" i ask my mother

"no, you must stay untill the rest of us are done" she states

i sigh and sit there fake smiling 

"so Danniella, what would you like to be when you leave school?" the fancy lady asks

"I dunno to be honest, a video game designer or tester" i say

they all laugh except my mother who shoots me a look

"so really, what would you like to be? if you could be anything in world" she laughs

"a video game tester !' i say

she looks scared to death

"well obviously can't be that, its beneath you!" she says

"NO, its beneath YOU!" i say trying my best to be polite

"you're a girl!" she says

i notice how my father and mrs fancy's husband are talking about golf ignoring theese people attacking me

"and...?" I ask

"well that's a peasant boys job"

"no, girls can do it to" i tell her

"yes they CAN, but wealthy girls like you CANNOT!" she snaps

"can i leave now mum" i ask mum

"no!" she tells me

"you are very rude and stupid if you think you can be a video game designer" she tells me

I get up and walk off to my room and slam the door soon i hear footsteps coming up the stairs

my door bursts open

"young lady" my mum screams at me "you go back down those stairs and apologise!"

"no"i tell her

"excuse me?"she screams

"why should I ? she was attacking me" i scream back

"no she was not! she was telling you the truth!" she screams

i give her a puzzled look

"you can not be a video game designer, its below you, its below this family"

i start crying bend down and get a bag full of clothes and walk out my room, down the stairs in to the the kitchen

"im sorry!" i scream at her while crying

"we-" she starts saying

"im sorry you don't like the idea of ME being a video game designer! but to be honest its not your choice !' i scream and walk out the door

on to the street I walk for a while then break down in tears I grab my phone and ring my older brother, Jason,

"hey Jai can i stay at yours for a while?" i ask him

"ye sure, why ?" he asks

"me and mum had a fight!" i tell him in tears

"hey,hey,hey, it will be okay" he re-asure's  me "where you at? ill come get you!"

"on 9th its not that far ill walk" i tell him

"no its like 2 miles" ill be there 2!" he tells me "wait for my by our tree"

"okay what ever you say bro" i say

i walk up to our tree wich is were if one of us got upset we would run there and climb right to the top and climb in to mrs reynolds old house and wait for the other to come with some ice to keep our food wich we already had there cold

then my brothers car pulled up and i hop in

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