Lies, Lies and More Lies

''Yes Mother'' Sophia moaned to her mum. She went to the club and met an unexpected vistor. Wanna find out more? Read on...


2. UNDA16

Soph's  P.O.V

I did my hair and make up.To my friends i looked pretty. ''Doesnt Sophia look pretty Reece'' asked my friend Dayna. All he replied was a simple mumble. Well thanks i thought to myself. He was being so rude he sat there on his phone proberly talking to his 'secret' girlfriend. Everyone knew about it he just didnt know. After about 25 minutes of me, Dayna and Rosla nagging Reece to get of his phone we got to the club.


Reeces P.O.V

Hey bby xx

- Rosla


Hey, u look sexy 2nite xx

- Reece


Thxs bby xx

- Rosla


Np bby, cnt wait 4 2nite, whn dayna nd sophia wlk of we cn sneak in da bathroom ;) xx

- Reece


Sure bby xx G2g so it doesnt look weird xx

- Rosla


Me and Rosla have been dating for 4 months now and ive been dating Soph for nearly 7 months. I knew Soph would find out so i covered mine and Roslas relationship up with a relationship with Katti. I never loved Sophia. To be honest i was the one who started the rumors, the bullying. And now, now my trick is going to leak out that shes a slut and ill hack her facebook account and say 'im really lonely tonight any1 wanna talk ;) Dirty. Heres my number 0856372636, id love to get it on'. I just spread a smirk on my face


We traveled to the club. I felt like getting it on so i dragged Rosla to one side and asked if she would help me get drinks. Dayna and Sophia walked off to dance. We went into the disabled toilet. I pushed Rosla up to the wall and kissed her hardly, she loved when i play rough. I took her to the toilet and made her sit on it as i pulled away from her strawberry tasting tongue. I started to lift her top up and then realised that someone was knocking on the door. She quickly put her top back on and fixed her hair. We walked out and i told her to walk like a person with disabilty.


Soph's P.O.V

''Where are they?!?!'' Dayna half shouted. ''They'll be here soon dont forget its really busy''. We waited 45 minutes and then they found us. ''Hey babe'' he said murkily. ''Hey''. he asked me to follow him. We got our hand stamped , so we could come back in. He led me in the ally. He tried putting his hand up my dress. I tried to scream for help but he put his hand over my mouth and muffled my scream. I thought i was gonna die! Until a myserious figure came out of the shadows. I bit Reeces hand and cried for help. He pushed and shoved Reece of me then a fight broke out. It was that bad that i tried to stop them but i just got a really bad bruise on my stomach and sholder. Reece gave a little smirk and then disappered back in the club. ''T-th-thank y-y-you'' i said shakily. ''No problem'' said the man in an irish accent. He came in the light and i couldnt believe who saved me. It was Niall Horan out of one direction. ''Dont let him do anything like that again'' he told me. I nodded. ''He-hes my boy-boyfriend''. ''Well i better be going'' i said, and without me knowing he took a photo of me and ran off...

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