Lies, Lies and More Lies

''Yes Mother'' Sophia moaned to her mum. She went to the club and met an unexpected vistor. Wanna find out more? Read on...


3. Picture Her

Soph's POV


''What time is it?'' I mumbled to myself. It was 10:37am. I couldn't remember that much but i could remember that my phone defently dropped out. I then decided to go back to the club, I tied my blonde wavy hair in a messy bun. I then put on blue skinny jeans and a green jumper. I tied my converse laces, grabbed my bag and coat and walked out the door. 


Niall's POV


That girl. I cant get her out of my head. ''Niall you ok, mate.'' asked Zayn. ''.....What, oh yeah, yeah.'' i replied with an uncertain voice. ''Something must be up, hes not eating his breaky!'' said Harry. Its true, i couldnt eat or sleep or do anything but think. About that girl. Sweet, giant turquoise eyes. I just cant say. Wait, my phone it has a picture of her! ''Niall whos this girl?'' asked Louis. ''Ermmm.....''. I had to think of an excuse and quick! ''Im into story writing and shes what the girl looks like!'' I rammed together. ''Yeah, sure whatever you say'' said Liam sarcasticly. I snatched my phone and ran out the door. I made my way back to the club. Then....


Sophs POV


Its him. Niall Horan. ''Hello again'' he said breaking the ice. I just mumbled a hello. He then got his phone out and showed me this horrible photo of myself. ''Delete It!!'' i asked. ''No way, its my phone'' he replied. His Irish accent swept love over me. ''Well atleast take another one!''. He got his phone back out and then took a better picture. ''Ok now delete the first one.'' i simpley asked. ''No'' ''Pardon'' ''No''. I then shook my head and ran off. I could hear him running after me. I ran to an alley. ''Go away'' i said. ''Atleast let me have your name!'' he asked. ''Its Sophia and im 15 years old, now goodbye!''. He was lost for words. I started to walk off until i stopped and gave him a 'dont-you-dare-follow-me-home' look. I carried on walking after.


Nialls POV


I cant believe she just did that! I hear laughing. I slowly turn around to see the boys. ''What you guys doing here?'' i ask. '' We followed you and you brought us here'' said Harry. ''Anyway... tell us who that girl is!'' said Louis. Louis is very nosy at times! ''S-sh-shes-s a....'' i saud trembling like mad. ''Dont worry little Niall, she will fall for you someday, but by the looks of it she looks like shes been hurt pretty bad...'' said Liam. I nodded. We started making our way back to the house. '' did you meet her'' asked Zayn. ''Well...i was outside the back of UNDA16, when she was dragged out of the club by her 'boyfriend', and he started molesting her. So i pretty much hit him and she then ran off. Her boyfriend said he'll be back. But luckily he dropped his phone and ive got it.'' i replied. ''Have you read through his texts.''Harry said excitedly. ''No not yet but im gunna, lets read them now'' i decided. What we read next was unbelievable.

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''Those were sent last night, before the incident.''. ''Well maybe shes called Rosla?'' said Zayn. ''No she said her name was Sophia.'' i replied. ''Well we will just have to wait and see'' said Liam. After 15 minutes listerning to Harry about this Rosla, we arrived home.

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