Lies, Lies and More Lies

''Yes Mother'' Sophia moaned to her mum. She went to the club and met an unexpected vistor. Wanna find out more? Read on...


1. Hi

Hi, im Sophia - everyone calls me Soph though. I live with my my parents and my 2 younger sisters. I am the second oldest. Im 15, my sister Sara is 9 and my other sister Scarlett is nearly 1 year old. Well that doesnt explain how im second oldest. My brother is the oldest. However he goes to Uni now. Hes 23 years old - practically a man. I am really close to my sisters. And i would do anything to keep them happy - even if its to keep One Directions on all night. I am an normal average girl apart from being anorexic - shhh dont tell no one. I have a boyfriend called Reece and hes 2 years older than me. But sadly hes the reason im anorexic. Leave him you proberly say, I cant though - he threatens me and scares me. I have glasses but im surprised i dont get bullied for them. Bullying is very harsh at my school, but i dont always wear them. Im very shy at first but when you get to know me im nothing like how you met me. Im camrea shy because i get bullied about my looks for some reason. ''Your ugly'' , ''SLUT'' ''Omg if she looked in the mirror it would crack''. Ive heard them all. My boyfriend apparently sitcks up for me. I only spend time with Reece when hes not in the bedroom with another girl. Yes he cheats on me but he doesnt know and i guess its punishment for being ugly. This weekend me, Reece and some of my friends are going to the club UNDA16. Its quite a cool club but its not fun when it comes to pulling your drunk boyfriend of girls when its time to go.

. I love my family to bits! Aswell as my friends They all show support. I love to sing but i would NEVER dare to sing. Wanna know why? Well everything about me leaks out. In year 5 i had a crush on this guy called Sam, it leaked out. My dog died it leaked out - and the rumor was i killed it and that everyone had to lock up there pets. I got a bit annoyed by the rumors. Luckily my phone number hasnt got out!

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