Eggy McEggerson


1. What is this?

For those who are wondering, this takes place at breakfast.

 Harry's Pov   

      "Hi boys!" a chirpy voice said from behind Ron. He nearly jumped off the bench with shock, before turning around to see Hermione. Hermione smiled at him and I, before looking at Ron's robes, and stifling a laugh. Ron looked down at his chest, seeing poached egg dripping down off it.

     He looked from the (now empty) spoon in his hand, to the egg on his robes, to Hermione, to me, and back to the spoon. Eventually he stood up, wiping his chest with a napkin. " I'm gonna go change my robes." He walked off down the Great Hall, his ears bright red.

     "He likes you," I said to Hermione. She went all pink, and immediately retorted : "No he does not!" " He definitely does. The real question is: do you like him back?"

     I shouldn't have said that. Even with the help of Madam Pomfrey, my beautiful nose will never be the same. And I had to join Ron in the act of putting on new robes, mine had blood on them. AND THEY WERE MY FAVORITES!

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