Not so lonely anymore



3. Show time

Chapter 2

Show time.

Show time!!! VMA's performance was today and i was doing my single... I was officially nervous. A few months ago i got signed with Syco and relised some songs such as No Angels which was my performance today

"C, im a wreck"

"B, dont worry, its not your first time and neither your last..."

"I know, but-"

"Nothing, i love you b"

"Love you too C"

After the pep talk i was in the red carpet talking, and answering as much as i could.

"Blaze!! Over here" -A interviewer called, i walked up to him and we started talking about my 10 nominations, performing and mostly about my raping: which was what i mostly perform

"You will continue being a rising star we hope"

"No more Derek, im putting music on hold, i love singing but its not what i truly long.... My dream is to be a photographer and i need to concentrate on my task wether im on the other side of the lense"

"Will this be a goodbye?" He dramtised

"Na-ah, its a see you later. I feel that i have achieved a lot in to little and i need to concentrate in my major: law and my dream"

"Does this has to be with the hate you had gotten lately"

"Not a chance!!! Let the haters hate, i dont give a damn about them even what they say hurts: real person in here" I joked

"And you know the boy Louis Tomlinson?"

"Well, he is Harry Styles best friend, aka C's boyfriend so yeah"

"In an interview before he was talking shit about you in general.. Anything you wanna say"

"Yea.. 2 things actually: 1. Let the haters, hate and 2. I thought you had a life and haters your own.. Thought wrong checked"


"Its not im trying to be mean, but he is used to be called 'gay' and 'fagget' and i thought he would understand guess not. Just wanna say thanks because of him my hate has increasy by 1044949291million... Karma is a bitch"

"Planning revenge i see?"

"Not wasting my mind, time, saliva, energy in a piece of shit, fagget"

After all everything was great i ended with 5 VMA's in my sleeve and had i great night. Just as C and I were getting to te after party i got her into somewhere more quielty and told her the news

"Im putting music on hold"



"Im here to support you"

"I know"

"And now that it pops in my mind we have a week without work"

"Yaaaaay!! I know"

"And..." I trailed off


"We are going to Ibiza!!!!"

"No boys aloud!!!"

"Even if you miss Harry"

"I pressume you dont want to meet his band mates??"

"Correct, although if you shall, i'll meet him"

"Okaay!! Good"

"So we are leaving on sunday!!!"

"Tomorrow??? I cant i'll arrive on Monday morning swear"


"Its just a few hours... Whats the worst it could happen"

"I guess..." I said slightly annoyed

"Dont be mad"

"Am not"

"Are too"

"Okay fine!!!" I said defensively!!!

As the night when on, shot were drank and energy was flooding in. I met Harry, all a charm and had so much fun i had sequels of the night!! Getting on that plane was goin to be harder than i thought...

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