Not so lonely anymore



2. Fashion Show

Chapter one:

Fashion Show

I have been all week drooling about this fashion show and finally it was over. Cara and me where greeting everybody in the cocktail which contained only the most fashionable, wealthy and famous people not only in the country but even the world

"Blazeeee" -Cara shouted. Blaze its my name it comes from Blanca and im actually spanish, shocker? I know. I never pictured my self as the most famous model in the world but i am. And its scary, at least for me. But im different. I study in university, im not as skinny and i prefer to be in the other side of the lens, since im a photographer, a rising one.

"Yes!!!! Coming C"

"Tonight it shall be your night"- Cara said

"Why so?"

"C'mon!!! Im getting you a boyfriend no miss lonely anymore"

"You know what i think about that"

"Thats why you should stop thinking"

"Oh shut it C"

At the end, we were wasted and in our rooms with M, Mirand Kerr, another friend. Although it was C and me against the world. Tomorrow even more and more interviews about my life sometimes i feel like i need to wake up and realise this shall not last and i will only remain with C, although she has her boyfriend Harry Styles that has been going on for a while. Have i met him? Yes, he is nice and i like his music, sometimes and as much as she is be drooling about me going out with his bandmates i find inmature, specially Louis! I really cant stand him, he thinks he is the best whatsoever and he is 23 already!!!

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