My best friends

my first book i ever published is telling you about the reasons why you should have a best friend by your side and it tells you what it means to be a best friend and what they are for.:-) <3


4. Laura

  The first time I met Laura was in 4th grade.Her hair was strawberry blonde with glasses and lots of freckles.I knew that when we first met that we were going to be best friends until the end.She had to be was one of the most nicest people I ever met and she was really really crazy.We hung out every weekend and talked every day of the week since we had class together.She was the most craziest person in the world and she was really fun to hang out with.

The next cuople of years we acted like sisters and telling people that we ahd the same last names but we had different parents.It was the really funny because everyone believed it.We were unstopable. We were like bonnie and clied.Side by side forever and ever.Together it felt like we ruled the world and she was right beside me through the pains and sadness of life and I was there for her too.I loved hanging out with her because we always ahd something to do.We mostly went outside and rode around the neighborhood until we stopped to look at the seven cats in the forest because Laura loves cats and she didn't want them getting hurt.She was a loving person when it came to animals.

Laura will be my sister forever and ever and I hope we'll live our lives together.

She's the sister I never had.

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