My best friends

my first book i ever published is telling you about the reasons why you should have a best friend by your side and it tells you what it means to be a best friend and what they are for.:-) <3


3. Ashleigh

  I met my childhood best friend, Ashleigh, when I was nine years old.We were next door neighbors in a brand new neighborhood.We were almost the same age (she's one year older than me), so we had the same interests and we both enjoyed each other's company.

 We've been friends for more than five years and i'm lucky enough to have a friend like her in my life.She's known me for so long and i'm happy to have her as my bridesmaid when i get married someday.

  Ashleigh has seen me at my worst and she still loves me.She has no need to see me lokking fancy or together all the time.I could show up at her house with curlers in my hair with the biggest pimple ever and she would still accept me as I am.

Ashleigh is a reliable, loyal and entrenched in my life.I don't necessarily have more fun with her but it's a different kind of fun.It feels more relaxed and honest.I don't have to impress Ashleigh cause with her, I can be myself.Ashleigh would drop everything and come rescue me and i'd do the same for her.

   Ashleigh understands me and doesn't judge me for who I am.I talk to her and feel totally understood for once in this big,huge world we live in.She has probably known me through every phase of my life.I never fight with her like I do with my other friend's.

Ashleigh would always put me together when i'm hurt and that's what I love about her.

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