Two best friends, Ava and Tara, accidentally bump into the biggest boy band in the world, One Direction! As they get to know them their relationships with two of the members grow into something more than friends.


3. Chapter 2


I woke the next morning with a mop of curls in my face almost suffocating me. I was being squished by this person. I could tell it wasn't my hair because my hair is blonde not brown. I thought to myself for a minute. There is only one other person in this room who has curly brown hair. I managed to pull one of my arms out to move the curls out of my face and poke him. He stirred but did not wake up, so I punched his arm, but still didn't wake up. So got my other arm free and pushed him off me and this time he woke up.

"What did you do that for?" He said in a sleepy voice with an angry face.

"You were laying on me and your hair was in my face, I could hardly breathe!!!!"(A)

"Oh sorry, I must have fallen off the sofa" (H)

"Yes you did, who knows how long you've been there"(A) His eyes went wide.

"OOOOOOOkaaaaaaay then this isn't awkward at all" (H) Then I noticed that Tara wasn't in her sleeping bag and I could smell a full English breakfast!!!!!!

"Anyway food is ready. But were is everyone else Tara is in the kitchen so were are the boys?"(A)

"Just got a text from Louis they are at the park without Niall and Tara. Apparently the both went to Nandos to get food for lunch. And yes it is about 1 o'clock in the afternoon"(H)

"So it  is lunch time and 'breakfast' or lunch is cooking who is in the kitchen then?"(A)

"Your mum or your dad perhaps"(H)

"I'll go look...*a few mins later*. Yep its dad. He says he didn't mind you all being here so your ok I guess and the food is for us. So if you would like to come through"(A)

**About 2:46 ish**

"Hey guys how are the sleepy heads today then?"(LO)

"Fine thanks"(H+A)

"You won't believe this but Niall gave Tara his last bit of chicken! And you know what we say 'If Niall gives you the last bit of his meal that means your special to him'!"(LI)
"Hey, hey, hey, Tara get in there!!!!"(A)

"You to Niall"(H)

"What? What are we all talking about?"(N)

"*sigh*Never mind. Anyway did you all have fun?"(H)

"Yep we did, Zayn fell off the swing once then Louis hurt his lower body on the zip-wire, and I fell backwards off of the 2nd step on the slide stairs"(LI)

"Me and Niall were eating Nandos"(T)

"And so we heard, good to know you had fun though. Wish I could have got up properly in the morning to reach for my phone to call mum to tell her that the ONE DIRECTION were staying at my house!" I said glancing over at Harry evily. He went red and looked at the floor. "Anyway dad has gone out again to work and mum is at her friends house, so what to you want to do?"

"Can we do a TwitCam video and put it on Twitter? And after that can we watch all of the Toy Stories, PLEEEEEEEEEEEESE"(LI)

"TwitCam yes put I don't have the Toy Story DVDs sadly. So were are we doing the TwitCam? In here maybe. It's a pretty big space"(A)

"Sounds good, oh wait we have to leave soon we have to get to Harry's to get our stuff. We go back on tour tomorrow"(LO)

"Oh yes the tour sorry girls we are going to have to leave you. Nice meeting you. And can we keep in touch. I mean were are friends right? So why can't we text or call each other while we are going around the world?"(Z)

"Well yes sure. I mean we will see you guys again at some point won't we, maybe arrange something when you are on a break?"(T)

"Of course, we'll have to"(H)

And then we all exchanged mobile numbers and waved goodbye to the boys as the tour bus drove off.

"I know we only just met them but it seams quiet without them, I miss them already" I stared to cry I don't know why I just did.

"I know how you feel. Well another sleepover?"(T)

"Yes. You always come up with the best ideas. That's one reason that you are my best friend"(A)

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