As the members of One Direction leave they're Take Me Home concert in Chicago, they find out that they had rode the wrong limo and they are taken hostage by 3 teenagers.


11. Just a Regular Day

Jillian's POV

It was just a regular day in sunny LA. Me & my friends were just chilling by my pool, listening to the radio& doing other teen stuff. When all of a sudden, we heard that One Direction was going to have a CD signing & a concert in our area!!! Like OMG! ASDFGHJKL!

Anyways, like other hardcore Directioners, we just screamed and jump all over the place. I immediately called my father to get me tix for the concert, I had to go. Like there was no way I wasn't going. Anyways, me & my friends were just thrilled and couldn't wait to go! So right after we got dressed and went to the mall (well, me& Pia did. The boys decided to go home& play video games).

So when me& Pia got to the mall, we decided to go to Forever 21 first. "Hey Pia, what do you think I should wear?" I asked. She replied with "This or this?" While pulling out a pair of high waist shorts on one hand and a pair of super cute jeggings with folded ends on the other. "Ooh! I can't decide.." I said, "then get them both!" Pia suggested. "Yeah, I should"

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