University Life


1. Chapter One

I felt a tug on my shirt as I looked down a the man below me.

"You know, Louis. Tonight we won't be doing it!" I say.

"What?" He asks, "Why?"

"Because, I have to get stuff done." I say while getting off of him.

"Like what, cheat on me?" He asks.

"We're not even together." I say.

"Yeah, well a man can only dream." He says.

I grab all my stuff and he grabs my arm before I get the chance to turn the knob of his door.

He pulled me into a deep kiss. I kissed back but pulled away quickly and left. I tried not falling while running, but it didn't work. I was just so dizzy.

I walked out of the dormitory and walk down the dark streets.. I needed to find Luke.

"Luke!" I yell.

Then someone pulled me into a dark alleyway and all I could do was panic in my mind.

"It's me, Luke." The man says.

"Oh, hi!" I say.

"Where the hell were you?" He asks me.

"Louis' dormitory." I say.

"Did you call it quits?" He asks.

"Sort of. I told him I didn't want sex tonight," I say.

"What the hell, Roxie!" He yells, " I thought we were getting serious about this deal!"

"We are, I just don't want to hurt Louis." I say.

"What are you saying?" He asks, "Are you saying your in love with him?"

I don't know how to feel right now. Should I feel upset from Luke yelling at me or should I feel horrible for what I'm about to do.

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