falling in love with the enemy [z.m. love story/au]

Mari DeSanta and Zayn Malik. Both involved in the gang life in which their parents led. The DeSanta's and the Malik's are the two most powerful gangs in Jersey, both involved in the same line of work-the drug business. A rivalry was formed between the two families years ago. But what happens when both leaders of each gang die? Their children become leaders and continue their family legacy. Mari is just a 21 years old, wishing she could escape the gang life. But, she cannot leave her older brother Will behind who is trying to avenge their parents' deaths. Zayn who is 22, wishes to avenge his parents' deaths as well. But, what happens when both sides blame each other for the murdering of their loved ones? Bad things. But what they don't know is that there's an even darker force out there, watching their every move...And to make it a whole lot better, what happens when Mari lays eyes on Zayn and can't seem to forget about him? Read and find out! Copyright © 2013 Kayla S.


35. Chapter 35.

Damon's POV

         I pull up into the driveway of my house not seeing a car parked anywhere. As my feet hit the stone-cold concrete underneath my feet, I feel like something is wrong...and usually I can sense whenever something bad has happened. The cold air hits me in the face and I feel different. Something inside of me feels different, and my mind is telling me to run into the house.

         No. This cannot be good.

         I hop out of my car and hastily walk up to the front door where it is unlocked. Nope this is definitely not good. "Natalia?!" I shout as I run up several flights of stairs. It's very silent as I run throughout the house and the only thing I can hear are my leather shoes hitting the wooden floor. I bust open every single door, not finding Natalia or either of my guards in sight. Shit. When I reach the double doors, I push them open with as much force as I can and as soon as I walk in, the air becomes denser...and my heart stops because of what I see in front of me.

         My perfectly white carpet is now covered in blood and I see two of my men laying on the ground in front of me...


         I look around the room and try to look for Natalia. She has to be in here. She has to be fucking in here. This is the last place that I haven't checked throughout the house. As I walk to the other side of the couch, the sight of Natalia lying on the ground, with a puddle of blood surrounding her catches my eye. I feel my breath hitch in my throat and I run over to the girl. "Natalia!" I shout as I kneel on the ground in front of her. I pick the poor, limp girl up in my arms and I realize that her usual olive skin now has a grayish tint to it. As I brush her hair away from her face, only to get her blood on my black suit, I hear her ragged breathing raggedly and her eyes slowly flutter open revealing her brown eyes. "Damon?" she says so softly that I can barely hear it with my bare ears.
         I watch as Natalia's face scrunches up in discomfort, and her eyes fill with pain. "We have got to get you to the hospital Natalia," I say quickly before beginning to stand up, holding her safely in my arms.

         "No Damon," Natalia says faintly. Her eyes are struggling to stay open as she says those few words to me. She lets out a small cough and blood comes out of her mouth as well. "It's over for me. I just hung on so that I could say goodbye to you."

         "No!" I shout as a tear runs down my cheek. "It's not over. You've got to hang on!" I shout through my tears. I look down at Natalia whose eyes are still struggling to stay open. "Is that what you want...to-to die?!"

         "Yes," she says before shutting her eyes and sighing. "I'm sorry Damon," she says faintly before swallowing slowly. I blink away my tears before setting Natalia on the nearby couch. Her blood stains the white furniture she is on and I quickly grab a blanket before securely wrapping it around her. Her breathing is becoming softer and softer by the minute and she reaches for my hand. As I hold her hand, I can feel her shivering and I wish I could take all of her pain away. This is all my fucking fault. If I had come sooner and didn't stay at the office to finish up some late work, this wouldn't have fucking happened.

         "Shhh," I coo while looking at her emotionless face. "This is all my fucking fault." This is all my fault. "I'm going to kill them for you. For us," I say while rubbing my thumb across her now cold and clammy hands. "I promise."

         "It's not your fault Damon," she says. "We all makes mistakes...and besides...it's better for me to die than you." More tears fall down my cheeks at I watch the only person I have left die in front of me. Even though Natalia isn't my blood daughter, I still treat her like she is. She deserves to be treated like a princess after all the shit she's been through. "Thank you for everything Damon. You saved me...and if it weren't for you, I would have never met someone as amazing as you." That does it and all of the walls I have been holding up break. I find myself on my knees again and I lay my head on Natalia's stomach as I sob.

        "Why did this have to happen?" I say through my sobs. I should have been killed. Not Natalia...she doesn't deserve to die. Suddenly, I feel Natalia's grip on my hand weaken and I look up at her round face to find a tear rolling down her cheek. I quickly wipe it away before discovering that her chest is no longer rising or falling.

         She's gone.

         They killed her.

         They fucking killed her.

         "It wasn't supposed to end this way Natalia!" I whisper harshly. I feel my eyes start to water and I don't even bother holding them back. Natalia was like my daughter. She was the only person I really had. But now she's gone. She's fucking gone. "I promise they will pay Natalia," I whisper. "I swear on my life they will." My tears fall on Natalia's hair and I quickly brush them away. How could they? Natalia and I were supposed to kill them together so that we would have their power to ourselves. We were going to be unstoppable together. But it looks like I will just have to finish the deed myself. "Goodbye sweetheart," I say before kissing her on the forehead and stepping away from her now lifeless body.

         I quickly wipe away my tears and walk out of the room, shutting the double doors behind me. I walk down the small hallway to my bedroom where I quickly pull a suitcase from underneath my bed and set it on my bed. I grab...well throw as many of my belongings as I can into the large suitcase before zipping it up. After I zip up the suitcase I walk downstairs to the garage with the suitcase trailing behind me. I flip the light switch and watch as the lights slowly flicker on. As I scan the room for a few jerry cans, the bright red color of the containers instantly catch my eye. I screw the top off of the lid and begin to around my house dousing everything with the flammable, toxic substance.

         I'm leaving this house...for good. I'm not coming back. I'm going to start over somewhere else. But not here.

         I walk out of my house with my suitcase trailing behind me and shut the front door, sealing the fate of my house. I can't turn back now can I? I pull the small box of matches out of my pocket and simply light a few of them before throwing them on the gasoline trail that I created leading to the outside of the house.

         I watch as the match makes contact with the fuel, and it ignites a roaring flame. My house instantly becomes engulfed in bright orange flames and the roar to life. Everything is burning right before my eyes...all the memories I had with Natalia in that home. And I don't even think about the fact that Natalia is burning inside along with everything else. The way the bright flames illuminate the winter sky is truly astonishing. Very beautiful.

         I smile at the beautiful sight before deciding to walk towards my car and open the door. As soon as my butt hits the ice cold leather seats, I start the engine of my car and press a button revealing the small screen that I had installed in my car. Two small red dots show up on the screen. Ahh yes there they are...Mari and Will. The tracking devices that I planted on Mari and Will that one night at the club show their exact location on the screen.

         The Malik's house huh? My foot stomps on the gas and I practically fly out of the driveway. I better get out of here before the cops show up. I see my newly destroyed house in the rearview mirror and I realize that I finished the job. The only thing that is standing still are the frames of the house. I turn my attention towards the road and I grab the steering wheel hard, as both anger and determination rush through my veins.

         Looks like I'm gonna make a small little trip...

 Mari's POV

         I finish throwing on my clothes before looking at myself in the mirror. I watch as Zayn walks up behind me, and wraps his long, slender arms around my waist. His arms lock me in place, preventing me from moving. "I love you," he whispers dangerously close to my ear. "You know that right?" His remark makes me blush because month ago he didn't even dare let those words come out of his mouth. He didn't love me back then...or didn't admit it at least.

         "I love you too," I say while trying to stay focused on fixing my hair. "Did you know that?"

          He lets out a small laugh before looking at me in the mirror. "Yes," Zayn says before seductively licking his lips. Zayn presses a light kiss to the side of my neck and lets his lips linger on my skin. I smile at the amazing sensation it brings me and I bite my lip.

         "C'mon let's go downstairs so everyone knows that I'm not dead," I laugh. Zayn let's out a small wine before placing both of his hands on the sides of my hips.

         "But I want to stay in here," Zayn says before leaving a trail of kisses on my neck. "Together," he says before kissing me on the neck again. "Alone." I turn around so that I am facing Zayn and I pull his head down to mine so that our lips meet. I feel Zayn's hand slip underneath the back of my shirt and he sets his hand on the small of my back, pulling me closer to him. I use one of my hands to pull his hair and I hook my other hand on the top of his jeans.

        I've missed the feeling of his skin on mine. His lips on mine. I find myself being consumed by him right now and I don't even care. I'm just happy to say that he is mine and only mine. At one point, I thought that I lost him. But, I'm guessing that fate wanted us back together. For the first time ever in all of my life the world is on my side.

         I break the kiss and wrap my arms around Zayn's waist, pulling him into a hug. His soft lips kiss my forehead and linger there, making me feel comfortable, which I haven't felt in months now. I feel safe in his embrace and I feel our love for each other surrounding us. "Seriously," I say before looking up at him. "Let's go downstairs."
        Zayn sighs and nods his head. But not before he kisses me lightly on the lips and grasping my hand. As Zayn and I walk down the hallway, both of us enjoying each other's company,  the smell of something burning fills my nostrils. Zayn looks at me worriedly before a shrilling scream fills both of our ears. Zayn eyes fill with fear and he quickly takes off, with my hand in his.

         We both forcefully open all of the doors in the hallway, one by one, trying to find the source of the scream. But we find no one. Zayn sprints down the long staircase leading to the main floor and I follow closely behind him, making sure that I stay near him. As we get further and further down the staircase, an unknown source of light become brighter and brighter and the temperature of the house has dramatically increased. The sound of several smoke detectors are filling my ears and I cover them so I can muffle the sound. As soon as Zayn's feet hit the bottom of the steps, he stops abruptly and I bump directly into his back.

         "Bloody fucking hell," Zayn says.

         I look around the staircase only to find the entire living room engulfed in bright orange flames. All I can see is fire...


         Everyone runs out of the house with looks of distress and fear on their faces. Several of us cough as we try to breathe in the fresh outside air. I look over at Zayn who has some ash on his face.

         "Who the fuck would do this?" Doniya says before Harry wraps his arms around her shoulders, pulling her closer to him. We are all standing at least 50 feet away from the house watching it burn down. Everything is orange... Zayn is sitting on the ground covered with snow, his head in between his legs that are pulled closely to him. I see that he is trembling and I cannot decide if it's because it is fucking freezing out here, or because his house is burning down in front of him...or both.

         "It's all gone," he whispers. "Everything." Zayn is slowly rocking back and forth and I sit on the cold snow, not bothering that my clothes are getting wet. I wrap my arms around Zayn's body and I pull him closer to me, trying to cease his shivering. I hear his muffled sobs which makes my eyes water. I've never seen Zayn like this before. He is vulnerable...and I would have never thought that "The Zayn Malik" could ever be vulnerable... I have never seen Zayn cry and I absolutely hate it....

         "Everything is going to be fine Zayn," I say soothingly, trying to block out his heart-wrenching sobs. "I promise." Every time he lets out a sob, my heart breaks a little. I don't know how I would feel if I were in his situation right now. His house is burning down, piece by piece in front of his eyes. This was the place where he grew up at. His parents used to live in that house. Amongst the orange flames are all of his belongings. Photos. Memories. Everything. And I feel bad for him. I honestly do...

         Will walks over to me and Zayn and places his hand on Zayn's shoulder. Zayn lifts his head up in reaction to Will and looks at him. "Sorry bro," Will says with a face full of sympathy. Zayn quickly glances over at me and I look back at him. I don't know what to say right now. Wow. My brother can actually show some kind of sympathy? Go figure. "We will find whoever did this," Will says with a voice full of vengeance. Zayn places his hands over his before letting out a loud sigh and removing them. I quickly kiss him on the cheek and when I pull away, I see one of the corners of his mouth slowly turn up.

         Suddenly, I hear a car start up in the far distance and I start searching for the source. I look near the side of the house and see a car begin to pull off and speed off on the dirt road fairly close to us. The bright headlights of the car are now visible and I cannot determine who is driving it. But that's him. That's who did this...

         The car speeds by and the other boys' shoot at it. A couple bullets hit the windshield and it shatters. But whoever is driving is not phased by the several bullets and continues to speed off. A white object flies out of the window and lands in the snow at least another 20 feet away from us. I unwrap my arms from Zayn's slim figure, which is completely solid now and jog over to the object hoping that it won't get wet by the snow.

         "Don't go over there Mari," Will says through his teeth to me and I hear his footsteps behind me. Once I get closer to the object, I realize that it's just a white envelope...with gold trimming.

         "It's just a fucking envelope!" I shout back at Will before rolling my eyes. I pick up the envelope and wipe off the snow that has barely melted on the envelope, leaving small speckles of water behind. I jog back over to Zayn and Will, where they are both looking at me with their full attention. Zayn and Will circle around me as I slowly peel open the envelope only to reveal a letter with words neatly printed in script on it:

         Big mistake.

         You've made a fucking big mistake. You all were meant to die. Not Natalia...You killed Natalia. Now we are even. You got your wish. But I won't stop until I know that all three of you are dead...just like your parents. I want all of your heads on a silver platter. I want to watch as you take your last painful breath. I want you to watch as I kill each and every one of you, slowly and painfully. I want you all to experience the pain I am feeling now since you have taken away the one thing that I ever cared about.

         So, this is just the beginning.

         You can run but you can't hide...no matter how much you fucking try. So go ahead, run...

         I will find you no matter what...you will pay for what you did...

         I always have the upper hand. I heard that you all like to play games. Well let's play a game...

         Run. Fucking run and don't stop no matter what...

         Because once I get my hands on all three of you...that will be the last time you will ever breathe again.

         Enjoy life while you can.

         I'll be watching...

         All of us look at each other once we get the opportunity to read the letter. Will and Zayn's faces are filled with shock as we both stare blankly at each other without saying a word. As I look at Zayn's house that is now nothing but ashes on the snow, I think of something that I wish I would never have to do...and never thought I would have to do in my life. I guess there is only one thing we can do.

        Run. Run away from the enemy...
(so that is it for this story! this story is now finished! I hope ya liked the last chapter!  btw it was the longest one I have ever written lol so please leave a comment!!! :D

And yes, Damon is the murderer for those who are wondering ;) and now he's shittier than ever since they killed Natalia. so the next story is called "Running Away from the Enemy." (cheesy I know lol xD). but it's on my page! so check it out! :)

i'm going to post the first two chapters right now! so please go and check it outtt! :D  Again you guys are all fucking amazing, perfect...I just love all of you! haha. thank you so much for reading every single chapter and my boring ass author's notes lol. just THANK YOUUU for everything...the comments, reads, faves...fucking everything okay?

so I hope that a lot of you go and check out the sequel to this story! pls lemme know what you think! also I wanna know what your fave part of this story was xD. So just leave a comment and lemme know! okay i'm leaving now lol. see ya laterrrr :) xx -kayla :) *btw follow me on twitter @illuminarry_xo! I follow backkk! :D*)

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