falling in love with the enemy [z.m. love story/au]

Mari DeSanta and Zayn Malik. Both involved in the gang life in which their parents led. The DeSanta's and the Malik's are the two most powerful gangs in Jersey, both involved in the same line of work-the drug business. A rivalry was formed between the two families years ago. But what happens when both leaders of each gang die? Their children become leaders and continue their family legacy. Mari is just a 21 years old, wishing she could escape the gang life. But, she cannot leave her older brother Will behind who is trying to avenge their parents' deaths. Zayn who is 22, wishes to avenge his parents' deaths as well. But, what happens when both sides blame each other for the murdering of their loved ones? Bad things. But what they don't know is that there's an even darker force out there, watching their every move...And to make it a whole lot better, what happens when Mari lays eyes on Zayn and can't seem to forget about him? Read and find out! Copyright © 2013 Kayla S.


3. Chapter 3.

Mari's POV

         I get up slowly out of bed and wipe my eyes. You know it's not fun drowning in your own tears? I look at the clock on my wall. 


         Damn I slept late. I put my hair into a messy bun and I open my bedroom door. I walk downstairs and stop around the corner because I hear Will talking to someone.

         Who the fuck is that?

         I walk into the kitchen and don't make any sort of eye contact with Will. But, out of the corner of my eye, i can see his cellphone in his hand. He needs to know that I'm still fucking pissed off and that I am tired of all his fucking shit.

         "So is the deal still on tonight?" he asks through the phone.
         I continue to walk to the fridge and I feel his eyes watching my every move.

         "Stop fucking staring at me Will," I snap.

         I pull out the gallon of milk and grab a glass from the cabinet. Suddenly I hear Will slam his fist into the table and I almost drop my glass of milk.

         "WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU MEAN THE MALIK'S TOOK IT?" he shouts into the phone. Then I hear the voice of whoever he is talking to on the phone. Will sighs and places his hand on his forehead. "Just fucking do something Jack before I do!" he shouts in the phone and then slams it on the table. "Fucking Malik's," he growls through his teeth and running his hand through his curly brown hair frustratingly.

         I decide to take a quick glance at Will but then I realize that he's still looking at me. 


         "Save it Will," I say before he can even say a word. I take one last glance at him and now he is staring out the window. Yeah, he made a mistake. He should have never pissed me off.


         I was about 14 when I found out about the gang, and Will was about 19. Will didn't seem very phased by it, but I actually wasn't okay with the idea. By the way my father explained it, he said that I would be in the business forever and there would be no way for me to get out of it.

         I don't like the idea of being restricted, having rules. I feel like I am caged up and I can't do anything. So, that is when I began to rebel. In high school I did drugs, everything. I used to come home every night reeking of alcohol or weed. My mother always used to tell me that I was a representation of the DeSanta name, and that I should start acting like a lady. But, being a 'lady' isn't my forte. One day, my father decided it would be okay to lock me in my room and keep me from going anywhere. I banged on the door constantly, trying to get out of my room. I tried to open up my window and sneak out, but my father had this fancy little lock on it. So since I couldn't get out I would always hang out downstairs, laughing at Will's attempts to get my dad to notice him.

         Will would always try to impress my father by doing the biggest, most extraordinary thing he could do. But, my father really didn't pay attention to him at all. So, Will still continued to do anything he possibly could. But, my father or mother still didn't pay attention to him. They would say the same thing every time, "That's nice William," they would both say in monotone voices while doing something else. And then Will would have the same reaction, and walk away with a frown on his face. I found his attempts very pathetic. He was very dependent on my parents, but I on the other hand did not rely on them at all. I did everything myself, independently.

         I remember the day when my parents died. Bullets fired through the windows and I watched my parents fall to the ground by the impact of them. The tragic sight of them laying in a puddle of their own blood is still imprinted in my mind. I was in shock at first, and I ran over to them. I saw Will grab a gun and run outside. He fired off a couple shots as I heard the sound of tires screeching against the concrete. Will came back inside and ran over to my father.

         "Will, it's all in your hands now," my father mumbled. "Make us proud son." Then my father's eyes closed and Will knelt over his body. He just stared at him and was frozen. I mean that's all we both did. We both didn't know what to do.

         All those days of me saying that I hated them and that I wished they would die came back to me. I still regret that I said that. Maybe that is why they considered me as a disgrace to the family name? I wasn't grateful for what I had in front of my eyes. I took advantage of them. I never paid enough attention to anyone. I only cared for myself...and I guess you could say that I still do...

         I run back upstairs to my room and throw on some jeans and a nice blouse. I need to go for a walk and think some things off. I slip on my favorite leather jacket and some leather boots. I walk right out of my bedroom door and straight down the steps. I walk towards the door and I feel Will's eyes shooting daggers at me. I know that he really wants to tell me that I am ordered to stay in this house. But, I continue to walk towards the door and open it. I walk outside with a smirk on my face, knowing that I pissed him off. Ha I win.

         Suddenly a guy stops in front of me and stands in my way. "Move," I hiss at him.

         The guy just looks at me and starts to laugh. "I'm sorry Ms. DeSanta, but I am your new bodyguard, Jeremy." Hmmm, Jeremy was kinda cute. He had broad shoulders, brown hair, brown eyes. He looked close to my age.

         "I'm doing just fine on my own thank you very much. Your services are not needed here," I hiss before pushing past him. Suddenly I feel a hand wrap around my wrist. "Let go," I say warningly.

         "I'm sorry Ms. DeSanta but I have to be with you at all times. Your brother's orders." I look towards the door and I see Will smirking at me.

         "You think this is fucking funny huh?" I spit at him as he continues to laugh. "Fuck you Will," I say through my teeth and then flick him off. Will is laughing even harder now and he turns around, shutting the door behind him.
         I turn my attention back to Jack...wait no Jeremy. "So you are gonna be stuck up my ass huh? All fucking night?"

         "Yup," he says popping the p and then laughing. I start to walk off not caring if Jeremy was behind me. But, seconds later I feel his presence. "So Ms. DeSanta, where are we going on this lovely evening?" he asks me.

         "Clubbing," I mumble.

         "Hmmm," he says. "I would love to get my party on," he says before doing a little dance. I let out a small laugh at his terrible attempt at trying to humor me. My feet hit the sidewalk on the outside of the premises. "Ms. DeSanta I don't think it's a good idea for us to be walking in these weather conditions," he says. I continue to walk despite what he says.

         "Nobody said you have to come with me," I mumble at him. I hear him chuckle behind me.

         "Fine, walking it is then," he says before chuckling.


         We finally make it to the club. Thank God. I would rather kill myself than spend another second with that guy. He was fucking talking my ear off. I practically run into the club trying to get as far as possible from that Jeremy kid.  I am definitely not going to spend my entire night with him. I walk up to the bartender and ask for a drink. This time it's a girl but she looks at me with big eyes and bites her lip. "Coming right up Ms. DeSanta," she spits out nervously.

         Seconds later the girl comes back with my drink. I watch as she gulps and slowly sets my drink down. "Thanks," I say. The girl gives me a small, nervous smile and then scurries off to other customers. I down the drink and love the kinda buzz feeling that I start to feel minutes later. I walk out onto the dance floor and I feel a pair of eyes on me. I look towards the club entrance and I see Jeremy staring at me.

         Take a picture why don't ya?

         I walk out onto the dance floor and disappear in the crowd of people. This is where I can make my escape. I look for an exit in the middle of the crowd and I spot one. I push through the people as fast as I can, hoping that Jeremy doesn't notice my disappearance. I walk out the door where the cold air hits me directly in the face. I hold my arms close to my chest and start to shiver from the amount of coldness. I take a deep breath and watch as my breath forms a fog in the air.

         I start walking down the abandoned alley. As I continue to walk, I start to hear footsteps behind me. I turn around and no one is there. Maybe it's the alcohol doing this to me? I continue to walk and the footsteps start again but this time I ignore them. I hear them getting closer and closer to me. Suddenly I feel a pair of strong arms wrap around me. I kick the person in the balls with my high heeled boot and I hear the guy grunt in pain.

        I'm glad I wore heels today.

         I turn around and see another pair of arms coming for me. I grab one of the guy's arms and kick him in the stomach. I see him kneel over in pain and I take this as a opportunity to run for it.

         I run down the alley and a few moments later I hear footsteps coming after me. I continue to run and run until I trip on something in the alleyway. Then I feel someone lift me up.

         "Let me go!" I growl as I kick and scream. As I am being lifted up my arms become restrained by something that feels like rope. I am pushed to the ground and something is placed over my mouth and nose that reeks of something... 


         I cannot help but breathe in the substance. Everything becomes fuzzy, and my muscles become weak. The last image I see is a person with a curly mop of hair staring at me with a smirk spread across his face.


so I hope ya liked this chapter! idk when i'm going to update again. probably later on this week. but please lemme know what ya think! :) thanks for reading. xx


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