falling in love with the enemy [z.m. love story/au]

Mari DeSanta and Zayn Malik. Both involved in the gang life in which their parents led. The DeSanta's and the Malik's are the two most powerful gangs in Jersey, both involved in the same line of work-the drug business. A rivalry was formed between the two families years ago. But what happens when both leaders of each gang die? Their children become leaders and continue their family legacy. Mari is just a 21 years old, wishing she could escape the gang life. But, she cannot leave her older brother Will behind who is trying to avenge their parents' deaths. Zayn who is 22, wishes to avenge his parents' deaths as well. But, what happens when both sides blame each other for the murdering of their loved ones? Bad things. But what they don't know is that there's an even darker force out there, watching their every move...And to make it a whole lot better, what happens when Mari lays eyes on Zayn and can't seem to forget about him? Read and find out! Copyright © 2013 Kayla S.


23. Chapter 23.

Will's POV

         I leave Mari's room and shut the door behind me.

         I feel bad for her, but I knew this was going to happen. She was going to fall in love...eventually...with Malik.
        But, too bad it's not meant to be.

         She betrayed our family...

         But, most importantly she betrayed me.

         How could she?

         She was willing to side with Malik. He brainwashed her.

         I clench my fist and feel the blood draining from my face.

         That bastard.

         But at least I have Mari back. That's all I wanted. She's all I have left.

         I walk downstairs to the kitchen and pour myself a cup of coffee. Black, just the way I like it. I take a few sips, and find myself looking for the letter that I found days ago.

         I open it up and take a look at the neat print.

         Right there on the paper was Zayn's address...

         It's still kinda weird to me...the entire letter.

         It's almost as if this person intended to help me, in which they did.

         But, who would want to help me?

         This is what is so strange to me.

         I put the letter back and sit down at the table.

         Mari claims that I have ruined everything in her life, but in reality I saved her from Malik. He was probably just using her. To him she was just probably some pointless object, that he could toy with whenever he wanted to. But his plan worked sadly, on my sister of all people. Because of this man, Mari has stopped eating, until today. It's all his fault. Everything is always the Malik's fault.

         But now that my sister's back, it should all be over...

         At least I hope it is.


Zayn's POV

         I get woken up by the sun shining through my window. I roll over and cover my eyes, moaning because I don't wanna get up.

         There's no point.

         I look over to the left of me and picture Mari laying beside me, with her curly hair outlining her face. I can imagine her brown eyes looking at me right now and her having a small smile on her face.

         But too bad she's not here.

         I snap back into reality, and realize that she's not there at all. She's just a figment of my imagination, which hurts me a little.

         I slowly crawl out of bed and throw a white t-shirt over my bare chest. I picture Mari sitting on my bed, looking at me seductively. I bite my lip and sigh because thinking of this isn't going to help me get over her any faster. I picture her lips on mine and how they fit together perfectly, just like a puzzle.

         Snap out of it Zayn.

         I run into the bathroom and splash water on my face, hoping that I will stop thinking of Mari. I need to stop.

         I wipe my face off with the towel beside me and take a moment to look at my face. I have small bags underneath my eyes from the lack of sleep I've had in the past couple of days. The absence of Mari has effected me more than I thought it would. It's almost overwhelming actually.

         Suddenly the door opens up and Liam walks in.

         "Uh sorry mate," he says before letting out a nervous laugh. "I'll just go to the other bathr-"

         "No it's fine Liam," I say before sighing. "I was just about to leave anyway."

         "Are you okay mate?" Liam asks me. "You've been acting kinda off lately you know since uh-you know who left."

         Is it that noticeable?

         "No, I'm fine Liam. I just feel like I'm coming down with something, that's all."

         I guess that could be kinda true. My stomach is hurting a little, I haven't really eaten much in the past couple days.

         Is this what heartbreak and betrayal feels like? If it is, I don't like it one bit.

         "Well if ya need someone to talk to mate I'm here," he says before giving me a small smile.

         "Thanks," I say before walking out of the room.

         I start walking back to my room and I walk past Doniya's room, where her suitcase is laid out on her bed. I walk in and find her focusing on fitting everything in her bag.

         "Where are you going?" I ask her.

         "Home," she says blandly, not even acknowledging my presence.

         "You don't have to leave right now Doniya. You just got here."

         "Well I mean there's no point of me staying here anyway. I've got Waliyah and Safaa back now. That's the only reason why I came here."

         "Oh," I say trying to not sound upset by her answer.

         Only Waliyah and Safaa huh?


         What if they didn't leave? We could try to be a normal family again. We could live together and at least try to make things right again. I've already missed a couple years from all of their lives, and I don't plan on missing anymore.

         "Doniya?" I ask. "Can I ask you something?"

         "Sure," she says while continuing to pack her things.

         "I would like it though if I could ask you something without you being preoccupied please."

         Doniya throws a couple more things in her bag and sighs before closing it. She sits down on the bed and looks up at me. "Shoot," she says.

         "Would you consider staying here?" I ask.

         "As in living here?" she asks.

         "Yes...uh that's what I'm asking."

         "Why are you just now deciding to ask me this?" she asks.

         "Because...I want us to be a normal family again."

         "But, we aren't normal Zayn."

         "Still though Doniya, all of us could live here. Together. I want to at least make things right. I know that I haven't been the best brother...but help me out here. I'm trying to help."

         "You haven't been the best brother," she mumbles at me. "It was almost as if you didn't give a shit about us anymore once we left."

         "I know that Doniya," I say before trying. "Just take me up on my offer. I don't wanna fight with you."

         Doniya sighs and then clasps her hands together. "Fine Zayn," she says. "We will stay here."

         "Thank you," I say before walking over to her and giving her a hug. She doesn't respond at first, but then she eventually wraps her arms around me. "See? That wasn't too hard was it?"

         "Shut up," she says before laughing. "But what about all our stuff?" she asks me.

         "What about it?"

         "How are we gonna get it here?"

         "Do you have a lot of things?" I ask.

         "Well not really, most of it is in here still."

         "Well we'll ask grandma and grandpa to ship it here."


         I start to walk away from Doniya's bed and towards the door.

         "Zayn?" Doniya says.


         "Thank you," she says. "Thank you for everything."

         "No problem," I say before giving her a small smile.

         I walk out of the room and shut the door behind me. I feel like I have actually achieved something after doing that. I'm one step closer to having a functional family again.


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