falling in love with the enemy [z.m. love story/au]

Mari DeSanta and Zayn Malik. Both involved in the gang life in which their parents led. The DeSanta's and the Malik's are the two most powerful gangs in Jersey, both involved in the same line of work-the drug business. A rivalry was formed between the two families years ago. But what happens when both leaders of each gang die? Their children become leaders and continue their family legacy. Mari is just a 21 years old, wishing she could escape the gang life. But, she cannot leave her older brother Will behind who is trying to avenge their parents' deaths. Zayn who is 22, wishes to avenge his parents' deaths as well. But, what happens when both sides blame each other for the murdering of their loved ones? Bad things. But what they don't know is that there's an even darker force out there, watching their every move...And to make it a whole lot better, what happens when Mari lays eyes on Zayn and can't seem to forget about him? Read and find out! Copyright © 2013 Kayla S.


13. Chapter 13.

Will's POV

         I park the car in front of my house and open up the door.

         "Get out," I command the two girls in the back. They woke up earlier this morning. That had several questions, and I didn't answer any of them. They started to annoy me so I told them to shut the fuck up. And that's exactly what they did.

         The girls follow me as I walk to the porch. I find my men sitting at my table as I enter the house.

         "Ahh, good evening gentleman," I say. "Look who I've got with me."
         The guys' eyes widen as they set their eyes on Malik's sisters. I watch as the younger one begins to shake while the older one has their arms wrapped around her sister trying to comfort her. I walk over to the younger one who's eyes are filled with tears.

         "Shhh, it's okay. I'm not going to hurt you." The girl gulps and then shuts her eyes. "You guys can go into my sisters room and change if you would like. I'm pretty sure you will find something. Just go straight up those stairs and her room will be on the right."

         The older one nods her head and then grabs her sister's hand, dragging her along.

         I bring my attention back to my boys' who are just staring at me blankly.

         "So where's my sister?" I looking at each of them. "I'm guessing you haven't found her yet huh?" I clench my jaw and narrow my eyes at all of them.


         "No," I say coldly, cutting them off from saying anything else. "I told you what would happen if you didn't find her in 3 days didn't I?"

         They all nod their heads slowly, looking ashamed.

         "I didn't stutter DID I!" I shout. None of them respond. They just stare at me and watch as I feel my anger rising. "FUCKING SAY SOMETHING!" I shout, before knocking a vase over in front of me. The vase shatters into a million pieces, and I watch as the men just stare at me, scared shitless. None of them reply and it makes me even more pissed off. "Fine," I say. "Don't say shit."

         I reach into the pocket inside of my coat and pull out a gun. "I'm sorry gentleman, but you made me have to do this," I reply. I point my gun at the man directly in front of me and his eyes widen in shock.

         "Please don't sir!" he pleaded. "Please!" he screamed as he got down on his knees. I walk closer to the man and keep a solid face.

         I lower myself to the ground and squat beside him. "Begging is a sign of weakness," I say disgustedly. "And I can't afford to have weak people working for me." I get up and the man is shaking now. "I DON'T HAVE FUCKING TIME FOR ANY OF YOU!" I shout. "You couldn't complete one simple task. How can I expect you to do anything else for me?" I growl through my teeth. "Congratulations gentlemen," I say before I let out a small chuckle. "You are the weakest links."

         I shoot all of the men individually, and watch as they collapse on the floor from the impact of the bullet. One man decides to run off before I can shoot him. He dashes out the door and I quickly walk out the door behind him. I aim my gun towards the man as he is running and pull the trigger.

        Shit, I missed.

        I aim one more time at the man and I realize that this is my last attempt before I have to sprint after him.

          I pull the trigger and he falls to the ground instantly and holds his stomach in pain.

        I slowly walk over to him and watch as the man is panicking because of the excessive amount of blood coming out of his stomach.

         "Please don't do this," he says looking me directly in the eyes. "Please don't kill me." His eyes begin to water and I don't feel a single ounce of sympathy for him.


       "You tried to run away from your punishment and now you're asking me to not kill you?" I growl through my teeth. "Are you fucking mad?" I feel myself begin to clench my knuckles and I feel heat radiating on my face. The man starts to tremble in fear and I cannot help but laugh at his actions. "You're fucking pathetic," I laugh at him. "Sorry," I say. "You don't get second chances with me." I pull the trigger and watch as the man dies in a puddle of his own blood.

        I hear footsteps coming from upstairs and suddenly I see the girls' come around the corner. Their eyes widen in horror as they look at the dead men lying on my kitchen floor. "Go back upstairs," I say through my teeth. The girls' stand there completely paralyzed and just stare at me. "Go," I say one last time through my teeth.

         Both girls scurry up the stairs and I direct my attention to the bodies on the floor. I take my cell phone out of my pocket and call one of my other men.

         "Chris, I've got another bunch for you to take care of."

         "I'll be there soon Mr. DeSanta," he says.

         I hang up the phone and set it down on the counter. I walk to the refrigerator and pull out a bottle of vodka. I pour it into a shot glass and walk upstairs to my office. I look out the window and see the full moon illuminating the sky above. I close my eyes and sigh.

         Time to get my sister back.

Zayn's POV

         I wake up with Mari laying beside me with her arm wrapped around my waist. I cannot help but smile at the sight of her beside me. I brush her cheek softly with my fingers. She moves underneath my touch and I softly press a kiss on her lips.

         "Hello beautiful," I whisper before placing another kiss on her lips.

         Her eyes open, revealing her beautiful brown eyes. She looks at me as a small smile spreads across her lips. She brings her lips to mine again and places her hands in my hair. She starts to slowly tug on my hair and I find myself letting out a small moan. I love it when she does that. I pull her closer to me not wanting the kiss to end but she pulls away anyway.

         "What was that about?" I say slightly out of breath.

         "Just wanted to do it I guess," she says before letting out a small laugh and then smiling at me. Her smile is to die for. It's just so perfect...just like her. I place a quick kiss on her lips and then pull away. I sit up and I feel her eyes on my body. "Like what you see?" I say before winking at her.

         "Someone's a little flirty I see," she says before winking at me. "But," she says before biting her lip. "I do like what I see."

         Mari gets out of the bed and I watch as my t-shirt hits her thighs. She looks so sexy right now...especially in my shirt. She walks over to me and pulls me into a hug and I kiss her on the forehead.

         "Go put some pants on so we can go downstairs and eat some breakfast," I tell her.

         Mari gives me a pouty face and walks over to my closet. She pulls out a pair of my sweatpants, which are too big for her. But she looks amazing in them anyway. She throws her hair into a messy ponytail and smiles at herself in the mirror.

         "Cocky much?" I mock her. I remember her saying that to me in the club when we first met.

         "Shut up," she says before playfully hitting me in the arm. I act like she hurt me and hold my shoulder in pain. She sticks her tongue out at me and then laughs.

         I slip on a black t-shirt and a pair of sweatpants. I mess with my hair a little bit. But right now, I honestly don't give a shit.

        I grab Mari's hand before placing a kiss on her cheek. We walk towards the door together and walk out. We head down the stairs only to see the boys sitting around the table.

         "Look who finally decided to show up," Liam says before walking over to the stove. The smell of pancakes and bacon hits my nose and my stomach begins to growl.

         Mari and I sit beside each other at the kitchen table. "You look beautiful as always Mari," Harry says while making eye contact with her. Then Harry brings his eyes to me and looks me up and down. "And you Zayn," he says. "You need some work." All of the boys' start to laugh and I flick Harry off. He starts to laugh even more and it makes me smile a little.

         "Breakfast is ready," Liam says. Niall is the first one to get food and he takes a stack of pancakes and sets them on his plate.

         "Eat the whole thing would ya?" Louis says sarcastically.
         "Haha you're so funny," Niall replies before rolling his eyes.

         I grab a plate for myself and Mari. I only grab a little because I am only a little bit hungry.

         Suddenly I hear the doorbell ring and I set my plate down to go and answer it. I unlock the door and as I open it the cold winter air hits me.

        I look in front of me and instantly recognize a face I haven't seen in years...

         "Hello Zayn."


         It's my sister.


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