falling in love with the enemy [z.m. love story/au]

Mari DeSanta and Zayn Malik. Both involved in the gang life in which their parents led. The DeSanta's and the Malik's are the two most powerful gangs in Jersey, both involved in the same line of work-the drug business. A rivalry was formed between the two families years ago. But what happens when both leaders of each gang die? Their children become leaders and continue their family legacy. Mari is just a 21 years old, wishing she could escape the gang life. But, she cannot leave her older brother Will behind who is trying to avenge their parents' deaths. Zayn who is 22, wishes to avenge his parents' deaths as well. But, what happens when both sides blame each other for the murdering of their loved ones? Bad things. But what they don't know is that there's an even darker force out there, watching their every move...And to make it a whole lot better, what happens when Mari lays eyes on Zayn and can't seem to forget about him? Read and find out! Copyright © 2013 Kayla S.


11. Chapter 11.

Zayn's POV

         I open my eyes and see the boys' standing next to me with smug looks on their faces.
         "What the hell?" I say. I lightly tap Mari who is sound asleep beside me and her eyes open.

         "What's going on Za-" she starts to say groggily before her eyes reach the boys'. "Oh," she says.

         "What's going on Zayn," Niall asks me before clenching his jaw.

         "Uhhh," I stutter.

         "No," Niall responds. "This cannot be happening," he says while pointing at me and Mari.

         "Do you realize how dangerous this is mate?" Harry says before sighing. "Enough people already want us dead mate. We don't need Will DeSanta to want all of our heads as well."

         I notice that Mari stiffens up by the sound of her brother's name coming out of Harry's mouth.

         "I don't give a fuck about what my brother thinks," she hisses. "This is my life. Not his. So I can do whatever the fuck I want to."
         Niall brings his attention back to me. "Zayn, please say something. Please stop this right now."

         I feel Mari's eyes burning holes through me.

         It all comes down to this right now.

         "Lads," I say. I wrap my arm around Mari's waist and pull her closer to me. "We are gonna have to make this work," I reply. "Nothing is going to happen. But...I like Mari...and I can't deny it anymore."

         I see Niall roll his eyes at me and clench his jaw again.

         "You know what?" Louis says. "Let Zayn be happy mate," Louis says while looking at Niall. "He's our best friend and the least we could do is let him be happy. I mean look at them," he says before looking at me and Mari. "They are so adorable."

         I watch as a smile spreads across his face. "Niall can smile?!" Mari says sarcastically.

         Niall rolls his eyes at her and then sighs. "If you're happy Zayn. I'm happy."

         "Thanks mate," I reply.

         "Well that went better than I thought it was going to," Mari says before stretching.

         "Now, can you guys get some clothes on.  Please?" Liam says.

         Mari looks down at herself and pulls the covers closer to her and starts to blush. All of the boys' start to laugh and I can't help but smile at her. She is adorable.
         "We will be downstairs," Louis says while walking towards the door. "Remember...we can hear everything.  EVERYTHING! So that means no more whatever you guys were doing last night anymore. Got it?"

         "Yes sir!" Mari says before laughing.

         "Good," Louis says before walking out of the door and shutting it behind him.

         Next thing I know, Mari is straddling me and has the biggest smile on her face.

         "I can't believe you did that," she replies.
         "Well I've realized that I can't stop thinking about you. You are always on my mind. So why even try to fake it anymore?"

         "You've been rehearsing that haven't you?" she laughs before making the gap between us smaller.

         "No," I laugh.

         "Mhm," she replies before she places her soft lips on mine. She breaks the kiss and bites her lip seductively.


         I cannot help but bring my lips to hers again and she deepens the kiss this time. She runs her hands through my hair and I fucking love it. It drives me crazy.

         She takes my lip in between her teeth and I can't help but let a small moan out.

         "If we keep this up, I won't be able to stop."

         "They'll be okay for a while," she says before laughing against my lips.

         She brings her lips down back to mine, keeping me from saying anything else.

         I could really start getting used to this.

 Will's POV

         I've been doing quite the amount of research on Malik since yesterday. I've tried to find out every little thing about him...and I've had no luck...whatsoever.

         Suddenly I hear a knock on the door and I walk towards it. I open the door and see no one at all.

         Probably just someone trying to fuck with me again.

         "If there's someone out there, you better fucking come out before I kill you," I shout meaning every bit of my words.

         I hear the rustling of branches nearby but, I see no one around at all. I walk towards the bushes and search through them...and once again...nothing.

         But something white sticks out to me. I go deeper, and deeper into the collection of branches to find a white envelope laced with gold.

         What the fuck?

         The envelope has nothing on the front or back. It's completely blank. I start to slowly open the envelope and find a letter inside.


         You want dirt on Malik? Well I've got it for ya.

         You thought Zayn was the only Malik alive? You're sadly mistaken. He has three  sisters. Take them and I'm sure that you will get your sister back. Trust me. The address is on the back of this paper.

         And oh yeah.

         I'll be expecting something in return...in time.

         Be ready to take a journey.

         Good luck. xx


         Who the fuck is this from? And what the fuck does he/she mean about a journey?

         I flip the letter and read the address.

         Hmm. Bradford, England.

         I've always wanted to go to England. Now I can.

         I fold the letter and place it carefully into the pocket of my jacket.

         I head back towards the house and look around for anyone still. Once I reach the door I take one last peek outside.

         I feel like I'm being watched by someone...and I don't have a good feeling about it.

         I shut the door behind me and lock it. I walk up to my office and sit in my revolving chair. I pull out my cellphone and punch in a number.

         "One ticket to England please."

         A smirk spreads across my face and I can't help but feel...different I guess you could say.

         You fucked with the wrong person Malik.

         Payback sure is a fucking bitch.


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