Art Class

I was sitting all alone in my art class when a really attractive guy walked in and sat next to me.


12. What's Happening

Denise's POV

I woke up with strong arms wrapped around me, it felt nice. I turned so I was facing Liam and tried not to wake him. He remained asleep so I started gently touching his face. His hand slowly went up and was on top of mine and he rubbed it softly. I blushed knowing that I had been caught. I started to get up but he said no don't. I looked at my phone it was 6 am and we had to be at school by 7:15. I said, "Liam, we have school today." He got up and put on a shirt and some jeans then put on some vans. I had gone downstairs to make breakfast. I quickly made chocolate chip pancakes and ate one and when I was grabbing my second, Liam walked in and started eating too. After we had finished Liam drove me to my house and I quickly got dressed and grabbed my bag for school.

At school:

As I walked through the halls people kept giving me weird looks. I wondered what had happened. Then Liam came storming up. He shouted "...."


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So currently I am taking an intro to film class and oh my gosh it is so awesome. So we are making a movie and it is going to be showed in a famous theater in Utah. Also the director of Napoleon Dynamite is going to watch it.

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