Art Class

I was sitting all alone in my art class when a really attractive guy walked in and sat next to me.


16. What!

Niall's POV

I saw the girl kissing another guy so I walked up and slowly pulled her away. She glared at me for a minute then thanked me because she didn't really like the guy. She was so gorgeous she had brown hair and brown eyes. I smiled and replied, "I'm Niall." She blushed and said, "I'm Kelly."

Denise's POV

As I continued down the street Liam showed no signs of bugging me so I just continued straight but right as we were about to pass one another he grabbed my shoulders and just started babaling off.

Liam's POV

I started explaining everything at once and she was obviously super confused so I just started kissing her. She smacked me and ran home.

Denise's POV

When I got home my parents and another couple was in the family room. Then I saw Louis was there too. I didn't really like him but his family was rich so I tried to be nice. The second I walked in Louis stood up and said, "look here comes my bride to be." And my mouth must have dropped to the floor.

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