Art Class

I was sitting all alone in my art class when a really attractive guy walked in and sat next to me.


3. Try Outs

I headed outside after I talked to the boys for a bit then headed out to find my little brother and my mom. Once I did we went home and did the usual.

------the next day------

When I got up I went and cooked myself some breakfast and headed off to school since my brother was sick and would be staying home. I went to first period which went really slowly but I notice Zayn was in that class to so I started talking to him until the bell rung. I ran to my locker then to the art room. I sat in the same spot Zayn had told me Harry wasn't here today so I thought I'd be sitting alone. Then a really pretty girl who has brown hair and brown eyes sat next me. Her names Alyssa and I asked if she wanted to sit by me today at lunch she agreed and after class we went to our lockers which were surprisingly close to each other. Then we went to lunch and I sat down at a table with her when the boys showed up. I'm not going to lie that Zayn was checking Alyssa out. Alyssa got really shy when he walked up and introduced himself. I slightly nudged her and nodded at Zayn and she blushed. She started talking to Zayn and I started paying attention to Liam then a girl who looked completely lost walked in and I jumped up to go and try to help her she told me her name was Madi and I invited her to come sit with us and I introduced her to all the boys. The boys decided that after I finished basketball tryouts tonight that we should all go over to Madi's house and hang out, we all agreed and swapped numbers with everyone. My last 5 classes of the day I had with Madi she is sooo nice. Then I went to basketball tryout where coach John made us run like crazy and do ten tens (you do 10 push ups one side of the court then run to the other side and do 10 sit ups 10 times) then we played skirmish. I then ran to the changing rooms and took a quick shower. Then I texted everyone saying I was done and headed to Madi's house.

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