Art Class

I was sitting all alone in my art class when a really attractive guy walked in and sat next to me.


4. Truth or Dare

When I arrived at Madi's everyone was there even Harry. Everyone said we should play a game as Louis suggested truth or dare. We all agreed and started. Louis said he'd start. Louis turned to Zayn and asked, "truth or dare?" Zayn smiled and said "truth" Louis smiled and said, "I dare you to kiss Alyssa!" they both blushed but finally ended up kissing. Then Zayn turned to Denise and asked "truth or dare?" She said,"truth duhhh!" Zayn said, "who of us would you date?" She thought about it and said "hmm probably Harry, Niall, or Liam" then she said, "k Louis truth or dare" Louis said, "that's not even a question it's gonna be dare!" She smiled and said, "I dare you to kiss Madi!" They kissed until we all cleared our throats. Louis turned to Liam and said "Truth or Dare?" "Dare," Liam said. "I dare you to kiss Denise for 30 secs" I knew my cheeks were probably flushed but I kissed him anyways. But I didn't want my first kiss to be like that which sucked. We kept playing for about an hr then everyone went home.

Alyssa POV:

Zayn had brought me to Madi's so we jumped into his car and headed to my house. About half way there he said, "I need to ask you a question." I smiled and said "ya?" He smiled at me then looked back at the road and said, "well, ever since Denise introduced me to you I can't stop thinking about you and how pretty you are and how bubbly you can be... Well I guess what I'm trying to say is I like you... And I want you to be my gf." It was quiet for a minute then he said, "so will you?" I turned my head to look at him and I said,"......"


Cliffhanger! K guys thanks for reading so far! I'm kind of basing this off my life except for changing the guy and adding four other guys in. Would you guys like to see how I look? Comment!

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