Art Class

I was sitting all alone in my art class when a really attractive guy walked in and sat next to me.


2. The First Day

I walked up the stairs and tried to find my schedule. I found it and caught my friends and headed to first. My first period was English 9 Comprehension with Mr. Mckelvey I really didn't want to go to this class because I could've taken it last year but I ended up taking English 10 Comprehension so it seemed pointless however the teacher was really cool so it was fine plus Monica and Sinndy were in that class and we sat right next to each other. Then I went to second I had Art II with Mrs. Sommer, I had her the year before so she at least new who I was but I didn't know anyone in the same period as Art as me. So when I walked into class I grabbed the papers and sat alone in the front row. When I say this you need to picture an art room. The desks fit three people. And I sat in the middle with no one on either side of me. Then a really good looking guy came in he had boots on with skinny jeans and a blue hoodie on. He came and sat to the left of me and he turned to me and in a raspy voice said, "Ello love, my names Harry Styles, I'm new here and I'm a Senior." I smiled and said, "Hey, my names Denise Archer, and I'm a freshmen." We kept talking till the lesson started. The day flew by after that. As I was about to leave I saw a poster that said basketball try out were the next day. As I was looking at someone ran into me knocking both of us down. He got up then held his hand out for me to take so he could help me up. I didn't want to take it because I was scared he couldn't left me up. I wasn't overweight or anything but I wasn't skinny either but I was still fit because I had a lot of muscles. I play volleyball which made my legs, stomach, and arms strong. I played soccer which made my legs and stomach strong. I ran cross country which helped my with endurance. Plus I also played basketball. Finally I took his hand and he said, "sorry I'm Liam Payne, I'm new here I just moved here from the UK." I said, "it's fine, I'm Denise Archer" then Harry and three other guys walked up and Harry said, "Hello" he then introduced me to Louis, Zayn, and Niall.


I need some gfs.

I need a gf for Louis and Zayn comment your name, hair color, and eye color and whether you want to be Zayns or Louis' gf

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