Art Class

I was sitting all alone in my art class when a really attractive guy walked in and sat next to me.


17. Louis

Louis' POV

My parents and Denise parents were set on me and Denise getting married as they possibly could be despite anything either of us said. Sure Denise was gorgeous, but I'd just worked up the courage to ask Madi out and was going to ask her on the next day durning school. She was going to hate me but the second my parents to do something I did it. Plus Denise was the girl two of my guys liked. But Denise is so innocent that it turned me on and made me want to make her naughty. The date was supposed to be set after our graduation which was in a month. However, the day we graduated we were supposed to go on some massive trip just me and her it should be interesting. Tomorrow, Denise and I are supposed to go pick out a ring so let's see how this goes.

Denise's POV

I hated the thought of being forced to marry Louis but I'm not going to fight my parents. I'll do it and make things work.

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