Art Class

I was sitting all alone in my art class when a really attractive guy walked in and sat next to me.


10. Liam's House

Denise POV

Once I pulled away I looked at Niall and said "Niall, I don't want to lead you on. Saturday was amazing but I don't think we are meant to be. But I'd love to still be your friend." He looked crushed and he simply turned and walked off.

Niall's POV

What did she mean we were meant to be, which one of the boys was she with?

Harry's POV

I was just around the corner when Denise friend zoned Niall. I thought that maybe she finally saw I was right for her. But then I saw Liam walk up and started kissing her. I was so jealous.

Denise's POV

Liam walked up to me and started gentle kissing me for a minute. Then he pulled away and hugged me. He smiled and asked, "Do you want to go watch a movie at my house or go swimming?" I smiled and said, "ya, I'd love to"

Liam's POV

We walked out to my car and I drove to my house. We got out and I asked, "So what would you like to do?" She laughed and said, "Well I'd love to go swimming, just as long as it is an indoor pool." I started taking off my shoes and said, "Oh it is." I grabbed her hand after she'd taken off her shoes. We went downstairs and once we got into the room that had the pool and hot tub, I let go of her hand. I turned her so she was facing me and I grabbed the bottom of her shirt and asked, "Can I?" She nodded and I took off her shirt and tank top then I took off her jeans. She grabbed my shirt and pulled it over my head then she took off her socks and took out her earrings and jumped into the pool. I quickly finished stripping down to my boxers and jumped in too. I swam over to her and grabbed her waist. She instantly wrapped her legs around me and I swam us over the side and made it so her back was touching the wall. I leaned in and started kissing her and she started kissing back. She put her arms around my neck while her fingers played with my hair. I ran my hands up her sides and held under her legs and stroked her face. She was gorgeous. She wasn't skinny but she wasn't fat. She was really fit. I wish she was all mine.

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