Art Class

I was sitting all alone in my art class when a really attractive guy walked in and sat next to me.


21. Im coming over

The next day:

Louis POV:

When I woke up it felt weird. I felt like someone else should be in my bed with me. Instantly, I grabbed my phone and called Denise.

Denise POV

I walked slowly through the room as I meet everyone. I was wearing a long silky dress that fell to the floor then I started to hear a ring noise I couldn't stop it. Then I woke up. I looked at my phone about to kill someone for waking me up! Then I saw it was from Louis and I quickly clicked answer. (Louis-L and Denise - D)

L-Morning beautiful

D- morning

L- what are you doing

D- I was trying to sleep until you called me

L-I miss you

D- its only been 8hrs!

L- I'm coming over

D- no you aren't!

L- stop me.

Then Louis hung up I sighed exasperated. I quickly jumped out of my bed and fixed my hair and brushed my teeth. By then I heard the doorbell ring and my dad answer it. I quickly ran into my bed and laid down and seconds later Louis walked in. He was wearing plaid pj bottoms and a t-shirt and moccasins. His hair looked really hot as it was all ruffled up. He walked over to the bed and pulled off his shirt and got into bed and pulled me into him. It seems like just yesterday I was debating which of his best friends I should date and now I'm engaged to him and I had no say in it.


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