Art Class

I was sitting all alone in my art class when a really attractive guy walked in and sat next to me.


11. Her

Liam's POV

When we broke I part she smiled at me and started getting out but I pulled her back in and got out before her and ran to get some towels then ran back and helped her out then wrap a towel around her then I wrapped a towel around myself. We then grabbed our clothes from earlier and I took her hand and lead her to my room and opened my closet and grabbed a hoodie and a set of boxers and handed them to her and showed her where the bathroom was. I went back to my room and after had finished putting on my boxers I heard, "Liam, where should I put these?" I turned around and dang she looked hot in my hoodie. It was to big but I had to admit I loved seeing her in my clothes. She shyly walked up to me and touched my chest. I instantly flexed which made my abs stand out even more. She was already at least three inches shorter than me and her face was looking at my abs as her hands traced over them. She kept biting her lip. I loved how it felt when she touched me. I took her face and she looked up and blushed. I took her clothes from her and said, "I'll be right back." I quickly put her bra and underwear and my boxers in the dryer. I then went back upstairs and we watched movies all night and she fell asleep In my arms.

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