Art Class

I was sitting all alone in my art class when a really attractive guy walked in and sat next to me.


23. dirty

Denise POV

I felt something at the back of my thigh. I turned to look at Louis who just smiled and said, "babe just looking at you gets me like this!" Omg! I turned him on just by sitting here, I don't think I've ever turned a guy on before so I kind of wanted to experiment a little. I kissed his lips slowly but he instantly started feeling the kiss. I lied down and he straddled my waste and kept kissing me. I'm not going lie he was a great kisser and it was making me wet down there. I opened my legs and he moved so both of his were in between them. I started moving to try to keep me from falling off the bed but I heard Louis moan and stopped. He broke the kiss and moaned, "babe don't fucking stop!" I was super wet for him at the this point so I grinded my v into his rock hard d. Instantly he pulled off both our shirts and started grabbing my boobs. He undid my bra and started sucking and gently bitting them. He undid my belt and pulled off both my panties and pants and I started taking off his pants. The second they were off he started trusting into which made tears fall down my face and he gave me time to adjust then I was begging for his dick so he fucked me good and then stopped laid next to me and fell asleep.

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