PAPARAZZI (One Direction/Harry)

Yeah, yeah, us paparazzi have the bad messages and bad reputations. But you know what? It really depends on who you're pointing out. The paps who take their job way to seriously? The paps who are just plain out rude or nasty? Or the paps who just feel they should do their job properly. And that's me, Noelle. I fit in that one last category. But what happens when one assignment changes everything? One Direction. I never appreciated them, nor did I ever acknowledge their presence in the world no matter how popular and famous they were. What happens if I actually.. Get noticed and pulled out of that group of misfits? Or should I say, the group of 'losers'. It's all One Direction's fault.. And I was just doing my job.. I, Noelle Hallick, just had her life changed.. By five ridiculous boys.


4. Chapter 4


The next day, was my day of lazy. It was my day off, basically.

The next day would probably be the best day in the history of my job. It's crazy. It's more than crazy.. IT'S INSANE!

Right now, I was sprawled over the couch, eating a bowl of cereal as I watched some spongebob.

What? It's the only thing I can watch during mornings! A grown woman needs her spongebob sometimes.

Don't worry, I don't live alone. Well technically I do.. But anyways I live on the 69th floor in a fancy hotel for free. Isn't that awesome?! But it's only because I know the hotel manager. Supposedly, my mom and him were best friends, and then he was nice enough to offer me the biggest hotel suite in this hotel FOR FREE! And he said I could stay here for as long as I want. I really do live the 'suite' life.

Ha ha. Get it?

I nearly almost drop my bowl when I see the pictures I took on the telly once I switched to a random channel. I smiled proud of my works.

"JARVIS!" I gasped as the little kitten hopped onto my lap, accidentally knocking the cereal bowl out of my hand. Yeah, I have a little kitten. She's six months old!

The cereal fell on the carpet, making me groan. It was tough to take out stains.. I guess I should just get the maids to clean it. Another awesome thing, I could order all the room service I wanted, and the hotel manager would take care of it!

But I hated abusing the opportunity.. "Oh Jarvis." I sighed, scratching her under the ear slightly. She purred, setting her head on my arm as if she was saying 'More scratching!'


I chuckled, petting her before setting the kitten down back on the ground. "Now go do your business little guy, I'll get you some food." I pat it before it knew what it was going to do.

Quickly dialing room service, a boy picks up at two rings.


"Uhh.. Is this room service?" I asked.

"Err.. Y-yeah, it's room service." A feminine British accent speaking. Who else had that voice so feminine?

"Thanks so much for picking up! Oh my god, I have this cereal spill all over my carpet!" I sighed in relief, falling back on the couch.

"Umm.. Of coarse! We'll get that done in a jiffy! What's your name, sweet?"

I didn't feel comfortable telling strangers my name.. "Um I'm in Room 103 on floor 69."

He bubbled out a loud cackle, as well as this boy's friends in the background.

"Oh my god." I frowned. "Am I on speaker?"

"Yes ma'am you are very much on speaker!"

"Could you please un-speaker my voice?"

"Sure ma'am, sorry about that." He says in a mockingly squeaky voice as laughs echoed once again.

"What?" I narrowed my eyes. I've never talked to cleaning people like this in my entire life..

"Could you just please get up here and clean the mess." I sighed, running my fingers through my hair.

"We'll be there in a jiffy, love." Was the last thing I heard before he hung up.

I sighed, walking into the kitchen and picking out some cat food from under the glass sink.

Setting it on the granite counter, I pried it open, pouring some in Jarvis's food bowl.

Once it filled up, I shook it, setting it right on the ground. "JARVIS!! Food is ready!" I called, leaning back in the process.

"JARVIS!" I called again after awhile.

She would usually respond in seconds, but there was nothing. I sighed again, walking down the long hallway and to the master bedroom.

"JARVIS!" I gasped, seeing where she left her doo doo.




Harry's POV~


This is crazy you know? Cleaning a stranger's hotel suite." I say as we rolled a cart of cleaning equipment in maid skirts and maid hats. Yeah.. We were that weird.

We stayed at the beautiful Beverly Wiltshire hotel which was nothing new really. I've been here twice.. No I meant trice. Ya know, three times? Ha ha get it? No? Okay.

We made our way into the elevator, without anyone noticing really, until that was when we reached the elevator though.

We stayed still, praying that these girls wouldn't notice that we were One Direction.

It took about a minute or two to wait until we reached floor 69, when Zayn hit the gold button. This was a pretty fancy hotel, really.

Us five immediately stepped out, the three girls chatting off without suspicion.

Once we had passed, we all breathed out in relief.

"Wow, close one ey mates?" Niall chuckled.

"A real close one." I smirked as Liam and Louis continued to push the cart down the hallway.

"Which room was it again?" Liam questions.

"I think.. Room 103." Zayn pointed at the door that had the gold numbers hanging on the door that read '103'

"Ah here we are. What if this was a stripper? Gold baby, gold!" Niall joked as I laughed. The rest of the boys just shook their head disapprovingly.

"Wow the three girlfriend-eers huh?" I pointed, seeing that they all had girlfriends.

Louis waved me off, just knocking on the door. "ROOM SERVICE!" He says in a lady voice, making all of us snicker.

This was going to be hilarious.


Noelle's POV~


"Bad kitty." I mumbled, carrying her and bringing her to the kitchen before a knock came at the door.

"Room service!" Once again that mocking voice.

"Coming!" I called back. If these were a bunch of kids pranking me, I will literally slap them silly.

Once I let Jarvis free to munch on her food, I semi jog to the door, swinging it open.

It took me like two seconds to process that these weren't maids.

It was the same five boys.



Harry's POV~


My eyes literally popped out of their sockets, once I see that it was Noelle. She looked cute.

It was about 9AM so that probably explained why she was just in an over sized white tee shirt and her hair up in a messy bun. And another thing, she didn't have any make up on.

Her eyes widened in shock after about two seconds, recognizing us as she screamed, slamming the door closed and locking it.

"AW COME ON LOVE!" Louis shouts, as we all get out hands on the door. I really don't know why this is so funny, it just is.

I was about to speak, until I find Niall accidentally spraying some type of spray into my eyes.

Ow?! My eyes were burning as I screamed, the boys panicking as well once they saw what happened.

"Oh my god, Haz! I didn't see you there, I'm so sorry!" Niall is also panicking, I continued to scream, grabbing my face as I literally felt blind for a second right there.



Noelle's POV~


What was happening? I was leaning over my door, hearing them urging me to open up, until I hear a scream and then another girly scream, and then panicking. It was all shouting after that as I furrowed my eyebrows.

"AGH HELP!?" That sounded like Harry. Was he the one who screamed?..

I sighed, swinging the door open, although hesitantly.

My eyes widened even more in shock once I found Niall holding something that looked like a cleaning spray, and Harry holding his face and still screaming. Like a girl might I add.

"WHAT HAPPENED?!" I panicked as well, shaking my head. 


"Okay, okay I get it! Oh my god!" I shouted over their voices. 

"You need to help him!?" Liam waited for me to let them in as I groaned, but motioned them in anyway.

"Follow me," I spoke, running down the long hallway and going into the large bathroom.

I could hear cries coming from Harry, the boys following behind him as I sighed. Idiots.

"Why are you guys dressed as maids? And what were you doing in the employee room anyway?!" 

"Now is not the time for questions Nellie!" Louis holds a hand in my face.

"It's Noelle!" I am completely offended.

"Okay, okay just HELP ME?!" Harry yells as I quickly turned around, fumbling with opening my cabinet and picking out all the first aid stuff.

"I'm not a nurse, I have no idea what I'm doing!" I whined, running my fingers through my hair.

"Well your the girl!" Niall butted in, the other boys following right after that.

"Okay JUST SHUT UP!" I screech angrily, picking out the disinfectant spray and spraying it all over the long bandage.

I closed the drain of my sink, letting the cold water run in it, until it filled.

"Stick your head in here for me." I instructed, talking over his screams. 

"W-what is that?!" He stuttered out, but I just forced him into it anyway. It took him awhile to realize it was just water, until he finally relaxed a bit.

"See? Just water." I say.

he boys looked at me, a bit scared. "What?" I rose an eyebrow.

"Don't ya think you were a bit violent there?!" Zayn looks at me wide eyed.


They stayed quiet, making me breathe out.

Harry shoots up, me backing away startled as he hits his head on the sink accidentally. Poor guy.

"Ow?!" He winced, grabbing his head. His eyes were bloodshot as I gasped.

"Woah oh my god." I sucked my breath heavily through my teeth. I reminded myself to get the eye drops, instructing him to lean his head back, as he obeyed.

"Did the water help?" I asked.

"Everything's really blurry.. W-will it stay this way!?" He started to panic again.

"Stay still! No it won't. Stop being such a little baby and man up! You're 19, are you?" 


"Then alright. I'm just going to put some eye drops on so it'll stop irritating your eyes and your eyes won't be so red anymore." I awared, making him nod slightly.

Dropping two drops in both of his eyes, he blinks constantly right after. 

"Better? Now out this bandage on." I nod once, picking up the long bandage and tentatively wrapping it around his head kind of like a blind fold, but instead it was a bandage with disinfectant spray on it.

"What was that?" 

"It's disinfectant spray. Bring out all the germs. Take it off in a couple of minutes though." 

So basically, he was blind for a couple of minutes starting from now.

The boys chuckled, Louis shaking his arse in Harry's face without Harry reacting whatsoever.

The boys snickered.



They really are boys, aren't they?.. That wasn't what the skirts they were wearing, told me.


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