PAPARAZZI (One Direction/Harry)

Yeah, yeah, us paparazzi have the bad messages and bad reputations. But you know what? It really depends on who you're pointing out. The paps who take their job way to seriously? The paps who are just plain out rude or nasty? Or the paps who just feel they should do their job properly. And that's me, Noelle. I fit in that one last category. But what happens when one assignment changes everything? One Direction. I never appreciated them, nor did I ever acknowledge their presence in the world no matter how popular and famous they were. What happens if I actually.. Get noticed and pulled out of that group of misfits? Or should I say, the group of 'losers'. It's all One Direction's fault.. And I was just doing my job.. I, Noelle Hallick, just had her life changed.. By five ridiculous boys.


2. Chapter 2


"Noelle, I want you to go to Malibu beach." Lexi nods. She's that boss and Queen Bee I was telling you about.

"Mhm.." I wait for more information, as I pick up my tag, slinging it over my head so it would dangle like a necklace. The tag read in huge red letters. "PRESS" and the company's name on the bottom.

"Justin Bieber is meant to be there, he's going to be surfing. This is a job for only one, so you're on your own Noelle."

"Mmkay." I say nonchalantly. Justin Bieber? Piece of cake.

I wasn't to overly excited seeing any certain celebrities, because I've seen, met, and interviewed most of them already. That's the good of working as a pap.

But the bad thing, is that none of them remember me. Well at the same time, I think it's pretty good. The paparazzi are meant to stay invisible. They're meant to keep a low profile, like what Lexi said.

"We want a couple of shots of him, make sure he doesn't notice. We don't want him seeing you." She says.

"Well what happens if he does?" I asked.

"Then.. He does, and you get the consequences when you get back. You gotta be a ninja. Ninja mode, alright Noelle?"

"Okay.. I'm a ninja." I say in a smooth voice, doing a little dance before grabbing my lucky camera.

She chuckled, eyeing my all black outfit. Black leather jacket, a black tank top inside, black jeans, black shades, black boots, and a black camera. Wow.

"The only thing that isn't black you're sporting is you're hair." She points out.

I smiled, giving her a slight wave before leaving.


Hopping into my own car-it was a buggie-I drove down the highway that brought me to the beautiful Malibu beach.

Just as I got out of the car, I could already hear the faint sound of screams from fangirls. Ugh. Fangirls.

Shoving a pair of shades on, I held my camera to my chest, semi jogging to a rock that seemed unnoticeable to people.

I felt like a spy.. At least it's less worse than a stalker.

The ocean was beautiful. I could hear the waves crashing over the sand from where I was which was very peaceful.

And then that was when I spot a shirtless Justin Bieber. Ugh, he is so arrogant and hot at the same time, but you know what? He's still hot, I just can't take him. All he wants to do is show his abs off and make it look like he's so cute, but wait he really is.

I shook my head. "Okay here we go." I mutter to myself, sitting with my legs crossed on the rock as I take my first snapshot. Then a second, then a third. They all ended up being perfectly fine to me, as I look through the peep hole of the camera.

Once he reached the water, I take another, and then a second.

I decide to take a bit of a closer shot, leaning forward and getting a bit carried away as I clumsily drop the camera, watching it fall onto the sand below me. I groaned. "No!" I tried to reach it back before it dropped. Not so ninja now, am I?

I sighed, slouching.

"Hey excuse me, could you hand me that camera?" I shout to a blond boy turned around talking to another.

"Uhh yeh sure love!" He was Irish. Oh wait.. Oh. Is that Niall Horan?

He was about to throw it up, until his eyes widened, as if I looked like a monster to him.

"Are you a pap?" He asked a bit scared, the same look on the boy next to him.

I sigh, pulling my shades off, the look on their faces immediately changing. But it was weird because I couldn't read it.

"Um I think I should probably run now, um could you hand me that camera back." I leaned on the rock, holding my arm out, we were only about six feet away, until I tip over once again clumsily.

Wow, this is really embarrassing.

I thought I would fall right on the sand, but instead a pair of strong arms catch me.

"Wow." I whispered, my eyes opening one by one to meet a pair of green ones. Tattoos filled his arms, his grip managing to carry a girl like me.

It took me awhile to process that this was the softie that cried in the video I watched.

He eyed me, as well as the Irish boy next to him.

"Oh you want a picture?" Harry said sarcastically, as if he urged me to.

"Uhh, no that isn't my assignment." I really had a big mouth, as I slammed a hand over my mouth. "I'm sorry I wasn't supposed to tell you that." I talked over my hand, my eyes peering into his.

I noticed he was still carrying me bridal style as I hopped out of his arms. Picking up my camera and brushing the sand off, I turned around about to abort.

"Woah! Wait up there." Niall called as they both ran in front of me.

"If I'm seen out talking to you guys, I'll lose my job. Now I'm serious, this was just an accident. Thanks for saving me from a bad face plant though." I say, trying to move aside, but they just moved in front of me.

I rose an eyebrow. "You really want a picture? Because I can ruin your life right now, just by giving in one single lie in." I threatened.

"Well you don't look like a pap, you aren't attacking us with questions or those flashing machines." Harry flips his curls.

"Um flashing machines? They're called cameras." I rolled my eyes. "That's only because.." I was at the loss of words. They aren't my kind of people! Come on, Noelle..

I just retreat, running the other direction, slowing down slightly because I got tired a couple of seconds later.

Looking at my surroundings, turns out Malibu beach is where most celebrities go around. I snap some stolen shots, maybe Lexi will like that.

Oh.. Perrie Edwards and Zayn Malik making out? I look from my left to my right, before I snap a quick picture of that an run the opposite direction.

Malibu beach is like a celebrity hunt.. You never know what you'll get!

I think I lost them once I ran away, so I'm guessing that's good.

Justin Bieber my main target, was now back on the sand, just sitting there, thinking that would be a good picture as well. Peeping through the camera hole, I take the picture before my camera beeps.

I gasped, looking at the battery. It was on the red, making me groan. The camera just gives up on me, as I sighed. I should probably remind myself to charge it before I ever leave the hive.


I take out my iPhone 5 for back up, pulling up the camera as I point it up.

I literally pee my pants, seeing a person ahead of me.

"Oh my fudge balls." I breathe out, holding a hand to my chest, almost falling back.

The curly haired boy laughs at my certain saying as I sighed face palming. "Didn't I just say that I can't be seen with you? Or your whole group over there?" I motioned, looking at him blankly.

My phone ringtone then interrupts me.


I got a pocket got a pocket full of sunshine,

I got a love and I know that it's all mine, oh oh woa---


"Hello?" I answered, glaring at Harry who seems to be holding his laughter back.

"Noelle!" I hear Leah. She's actually a friend of mine.

"Oh hey!" I say.

"How's it goin'? I got a Malibu assignment as well, but I can see you right now and your talking to HARRY STYLES!" She says as if he's a god.

"Oh god, please don't tell Lexi! I'm dead if she finds out that I'm talking to him, or if I'm seen with him!" I whisper shouted, twirling around.

"I got your back, don't worry. I'll meet you there, in about.. Ten seconds." She goes, hanging up.

I groaned again, about to speak once I hung up.

"Hey!" Leah appears from what seemed like nowhere, her camera slung over her shoulder.

Harry's eyes widened.

"HARRY STYLES! Hi, wow can I get a quick interview? Don't worry, I won't bite." She winked, doing a little shimmy. I rose an eyebrow.

"No fair!" I gasped. "You only want an interview for a raise, miss. And plus, I got here first."

"Wow can I snap a quick picture?" She rushes, and the flash literally flashes in Harry's face because of how close the camera was.

He looks a bit shocked, blinking his eyes quickly before narrowing them.


This must be a dream for Leah, because she has a guilty pleasure for these five boys, and the other four are walking up to us right now..

Okay wow.. What is happening?!

"We're going to get fired, Leah." I talked through gritted teeth, trying to tug on the crook of her arm, but she wouldn't budge.

"Hello girls! I'm Louis." One says loudly, it was like there was a built in megaphone in his throat.

"Wow! Um." Leah grins, snapping another unexpected picture as I flinched at the sound.

"Okay Leah, you're scaring them." I muttered over to her.

"I'm gonna head on back to the hive, so---"

"The hive?" Niall questions.

"What's that?" Zayn asks after.

"Nothing you need to know about." I blurted out, shoving my shades back on.

"Wow you're really pretty." Liam smiled. I thought the compliment was directed over to Leah, but he cleared his throat as I looked up.

"Oh.. M-me?"

"Mhm, I agree. You're pretty." Niall nods.

I felt like I was going to explode into flying unicorns. What the poop?! I'm pretty? Ha ha! No.

I didn't say anything, Leah encouraging me to say something.

"Uhh.. Thank you?" It accidentally came out as a question, as they laughed.


This is soo going to end bad..

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