PAPARAZZI (One Direction/Harry)

Yeah, yeah, us paparazzi have the bad messages and bad reputations. But you know what? It really depends on who you're pointing out. The paps who take their job way to seriously? The paps who are just plain out rude or nasty? Or the paps who just feel they should do their job properly. And that's me, Noelle. I fit in that one last category. But what happens when one assignment changes everything? One Direction. I never appreciated them, nor did I ever acknowledge their presence in the world no matter how popular and famous they were. What happens if I actually.. Get noticed and pulled out of that group of misfits? Or should I say, the group of 'losers'. It's all One Direction's fault.. And I was just doing my job.. I, Noelle Hallick, just had her life changed.. By five ridiculous boys.


1. Chapter 1


I was chewing on a piece of gum, spinning in a spinny chair.

I was at the secret location, where all things paparazzi ever were discussed, and where stories were published and sent to TV networks.

I always liked to call this place, the hive.

Right now, I was waiting for the Queen Bee of the hive, or should I say the Mother of the paps, or basically my boss. She would give me the next assignment soon.

At times, there would be some emergency drills, where a certain celebrity or celebrities would unexpectedly appear at a location. Then it would just be out of the question.

More then fifteen of us would jump into one of our vans, and drive over there.

I was pretty special, I've been working here for two years, and yet people still like to call me a newb. A newb, is a newbie which means I'm still nice and innocent at the concept of paparazzi.

I barely talk to co workers, because honestly, they were actually really snobbish. That's probably why the snobs at work had to irritate the celebrity world, and now everyone thinks I'm one of them. Wow, great right?

I didn't even want this job.. But it was the only choice, really. It all started when I went to college for a photography coarse. I wanted to be one of those professional photographers who photographed models and everything for photo shoots. But then it all went downhill from there. Zero photographing companies didn't want me, they thought I was to young, and that I didn't have any real potential. I was literally shut down, but this place accepted me gratefully. And being a paparazzi was as close to being a photographer. Well.. I think so.

That's what life really taught me though. You can't always follow what your dreams tell you if the world ignores you. That's just really how it is.

I get snapped out of my own thoughts as I find Steve come through the door cheering and holding his camera up. He was about 30. I think I was actually the youngest one here! I was 20, and I just turned 20 last month.

Walking up to Steve, I blew a bubble with my gum before speaking.

"What's up with the happiness?" I asked nonchalantly.

"We got pure gold on this camera, Noelle. This might even get me a raise!" He exclaimed.

"What's on it?" I asked, tip toeing so I could see the camera. Yeah, I was short.. About 5'3. And Steve here was nearly 6 feet so I actually have an excuse.

On the screen was a video of a curly haired boy crying his eyes out. He looked scared.

Tons of people were bombarding him, mostly the paps. He looked like he couldn't even breathe, because of so many people crowding him.

"HARRY! HARRY OVER HERE!" That sounded like Steve.

He started to cry harder, seeing that there was no way out.

Until a couple of other boys come to his rescue. The blond one, the black haired one, one with a clean cut, and the other one, I'm guessing to be the oldest one just by how he looked.

Until I realized.

"Isn't that One Direction?" I furrowed my eyebrows.

"Yup, that sure is." Steve smirked.

I continue to watch. As the rest of the boys circle Harry protectively, they start to push through. Where was their security when they needed it? Huh.

"Is that Harry Styles?" I turned to him.

"Yes!"he exclaimed.

I frowned at the next thing Harry started to say in the video.

"All of you, are nothing but heartless!" He still had tears in his eyes. "You need to realize that we're people and we can't live on this. All of you are sick!" He shouted shakily, but mostly at Steve's camera because he was right in front of it. And then the clip ended.

I sighed.

"Amazing isn't it?" He said excitedly.

I nodded slightly before he left. I slouched. That was crazy..


Were we that bad? We made him cry.. Uhh. Yeah that was bad.


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