Once in a Life Time

Abbey and her best friend Emma are about to live their dream and move to London.
What will happen when one of them run into someone who they thought they would never meet in a million years...
It all begins now


9. chapter 8

Louis POV

Oh my god how do I tell her this

Even though we have only been official for like what a day and a bit

Asking her this could end everything

She probably won't be ready

"Abbey... Well the boys and I got a phone call,

And well we are leaving for tour in 4 days.."

Her eyes look like they are tearing up

Oh god louis

"Oh um what does this mean for us then.."

She can't even look me in the eye when she speaks

Abbeys POV

I feel as though my heart has just shattered into millions of pieces

Like everything I ever wanted has just been taken away once it finally happens

"But Abbey I know this is so soon and you probably won't believe me but...

I'm so very deeply in love with you and I want you to come on tour with us..."

He what

Me? Tour?

Say something abbey

I feel as though my mouth has been sewed shut and I can't say a word

"Oh my, Louis I would love to go on tour with you... And Louis I love you too."

Harry's POV

So I told Emma about the tour and she agreed to come but I didn't tell her that I loved her

I just think it's all too soon

I know louis is deeply in love with Abbey and I'm happy for him

But I don't want to jump the gun on this one

Emma is so important I never want to loose her

I can here a squeal coming from upstairs

It's a squeal of excitement obviously

Louis POV

Abbey and I walked back down hand in hand, into the lounge room where everyone was sitting

"So Lou what did she say..?"

Liam asked with a grin

"She said yes, the girl of my dreams said yea!"

"I'm so happy for you! Congrats mate!"

By now Abbey was over with Emma Perrie and Danielle telling them what just happened

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