Once in a Life Time

Abbey and her best friend Emma are about to live their dream and move to London.
What will happen when one of them run into someone who they thought they would never meet in a million years...
It all begins now


6. chapter 5

*skip car ride*

We pulled up to a really fancy restaurant

Outside the restaurant were people every with flashing cameras as we were walking people were yelling things like

"Hey Louis who's the mystery girls"

"Harry does she really love you for you"

I could tell the boys were getting annoyed

We walked inside

"I'm sorry they follow us everywhere"

Harry said with a very apologetic tone

"It's fine we understand "

Emma said giving a smile

I decided to Change the subject a bit

"Guys this is to expensive"

I said with a worried look

"Don't be silly love we wanted to take you somewhere special"

Louis said this time seeming more calm

"Well thank you this is very kind of you"

I hugged louis

Wow I wanted that hug to last forever

We were shown to a table towards the back of the restaurant

Louis and Harry both pulled out our chairs for us to sit down

"Thank you"

Emma and I said in unison

A slutty waiter came over to take our orders

"Ah are you guys ready to order"

God she really couldn't make it any more obvious that she was eyeing off the boys

"Yes we are"

I said with a stern voice

The bitch just rolled her eyes

"What do you want?"

Louis looked mad at the way she was treating me

"Um can I-"

"What we want is a new waiter

Please can we have a different waiter"

Louis said firmly haha the waiters face soon dropped and with that she rolled her eyes and walked off

Another much nicer looking waiter came over and took our orders

We began to make small talk like what we like to do in our spare time, jobs and family

Now I have gotten to know louis more I'm starting to like him a lot more

The food soon came out and we began to eat

Louis and I had both finished and just say there talking for a while

"Ah Abbey would you like to take a walk with me we can go out the back way?"

Louis asked with hope in his eyes but he seemed very nervous

"I would love too"

As we were walking off Harry yelled something out


Did he seriously just say that

Is that all Louis wants me for



Louis tensed up

"I'm so sorry he was just kidding"

Louis POV

Harry is such an ass now Abbey probably thinks all I want her for is because I want sex

That is most definitely not what I want from her well not now

I mean maybe if we had been together for a while and we loved eachother but not now!

"So.... How long are you in London for"

Abbey turned to face me god she is beautiful

"Well I'm only here for four months but if Emma and I do well we may be able to afford to stay here longer but I doubt our earnings will be enough to keep us here"

Her face went from a smile to a frown

"Oh that sucks I wish your were here longer...."

God Louis why did u say that she probably thinks your a dick anyway

"Louis I don't think your a dick"

Wait what the fuck can she read minds

"How wait how did you?"

Fuck it's like word vomit

"You said that I probably think your a dick and I don't"

Abbey was serious she really doesn't think I'm a dick

What I did next could risk it all and I have no idea what got into me but I just can't contain my self

Abbeys POV

I felt the gap between our faces slowly close up

His breath against mine

Are we really going to kiss

The butterflies in my stomach felt like they had just erupted out of a volcano

What the fuck a volcano and butterflies

Argh forget it abbey just kiss him

I all of a sudden felt his soft lips against mine

We moved in sync then slowly pulled away

Louis POV

We parted from the kiss

Both staring into eachothers eyes trying to process what had just happened.

"Wow you have no idea how badly I wanted to do that"

Abbey sighed with relief

I just chuckled a bit

"Well same goes for me"

I said with a smile

"Ok I have to ask you something ..."

God here goes don't fuck it up Lou

Abbey just sat there with a blank look

"Abbey you may think I'm crazy because I met you yesterday but I really like you and have since I laid my eyes on you,

Will you be my girlfriend?"

"Oh my god Louis yes a million times yes!"

Abbey started to giggle I embraced her In a warm hug and we stood there for a while and gradually pulled away and began to make our way back to the restaurant.

I really hope Harry likes Emma because I would hate for him to take advantage of her

Harry's POV

Louis and Abbey have been gone for a while now

Emma and I have had some really good conversations

I have fallen hard for Emma and I don't know if it's to soon to ask her to be my girlfriend

Oh well I'm gonna bite the bullet and ask

"Ah ok Emma I'm just gonna come right out and say this"

Emma's POV


ahhhhhh wow Emma you blew it

"Emma I know your gonna think I'm crazy because I have only known you for a while but I really like you, will you do the honours of being my girlfriend?"

Oh god here I go word vomit can't i

Ever just shut up

"My god Harry I would love too! And I don't think your crazy because I like you a lot and like I have no idea how much longer I would have lasted with out pulling my hair out because your just so god dam sexy and you personality is just so amazing and your so sweet and your dimples oh god don't even get me started....."


I felt my cheeks heat up and I soon buried my head in my hands

I soon felt an arm wrap around my waist

I looked up to see Harry who had moved into abbeys seat and began to comfort me

"You know I don't blame you for saying what you said"

I looked up into his irresistible eyes right then and there I wanted to kiss him

"And why is that styles"

"Because I am pretty sexy if I might say so myself "

I couldn't help but burst into laughter

"I'm glad you find that amusing"

All of a sudden Harry leant in and kissed me

I again felt my cheeks heat up red like a tomato

"No need to be embarrassed love"

I just smiled and snuggled into his side

Soon forgetting we were in a restaurant

Abbeys POV

Louis and I made our way back to the table to find Harry and Emma cuddled up

"Well that obviously was successful for you to aye"

I said with. A smirk

"Ah yea you could say that"

Emma said while smiling up at Harry

"Louis , Abbey I'm pleased to say that Emma and I are officially dating"

I couldn't help but fangirl on the spot

I was like dancing around but I soon bumped into someone

I turned around to see someone I was hoping I would never see again Emma's ex boyfriend

Oh and I think I should mention why this is bad timing

Well for starters Emma just got a new boyfriend

She also finally got to get away from him


"Ah Josh hi"

"Abbey wow long time no see"

"So what brings you here?"

He asked with the expression on his face that says 'do I seriously look like I give a two shit"

"I live in London now so does Emma, what about you?"

I answered kinda Rudely but like this is one of this YOLO moments

"I just wanted to see London I guess"

What the fuck is that

'I just wanted to see London I guess'

Like what the hell there is obviously a reason

"Right well I better go back to Emma now"

"Oh ok wait Emma is here"


"Ah yea we are just leaving"

I turned to walk away but I felt a tight grip on my wrist

I winced in pain he grabbed the wrong wrist..

I turned in pain

"Josh let go"

He looked angry

"Why so you can leave with Emma and I will never see her again"


"Ah yea that's the plan

Goodbye Asshole"

I quickly got out of his grip

And walked quickly too the table

"Sorry about that

ah sorry to be rude but we really have to leave um there's someone here that we can't run into"

Please don't ask why please don't ask why

"Oh ok that's fine we can drop you home now if you like"

Oh thank god he didn't ask but louis looked hurt when he said that

"I'm so sorry but could you?"

"Yea sure love"

*skip car ride *

Harry and Louis walked us to our door and said goodbye but louis and I didn't tell Emma and Harry that we are together we are going to tell them tomorrow when I go to there house with Emma so for now louis just kissed me on the cheek

But Emma and Harry on the other hand looked as though they were never going to pull away from the kiss

Emma and I both said goodnight and agreed we would talk about it in the morning

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