Once in a Life Time

Abbey and her best friend Emma are about to live their dream and move to London.
What will happen when one of them run into someone who they thought they would never meet in a million years...
It all begins now


5. chapter 4

Abbeys POV


I decided I would answer because i have a feeling that I would regret not answering


"Ah hello?"


"Hey Abbey it's louis from Starbucks"

"Oh Louis hey"

Thank god I answered

"Um I was wondering if you wanted to come to dinner with Harry and I tonight and you can bring your friend Emma if you like"

Louis just asked me out

My god

Totally not going to fangirl

Ok I'm fangirling whooooooo

"Uh Abbey are you there"

SHIT Abbey what the fuck say something dipshit

"Um Abbey are you talking to yourself ?"

"Oh god no sorry I just argh don't worry

But yea Emma and I would love to if you still want too"

God he probably doesn't

"No of course I still want to! Sounds great we come by at 7 oh and dress fancy"

I could tell he was smiling

"Ok awesome see you then"


"Who was that"

Emma looked curious

"Ahh guess who's going on a date with LOUIS TOMLINSON AND HARRY STYLES!!"

Emma's jaw immediately dropped


I screamed at the top of my lungs


Emma's POV


"We are about to go on a date with the people we have been in love with and dedicated our lives to for the past 3 years.... Wow "

Abbey and I went back to our rooms to get ready

I have had a shower and done my makeup so now all I have to do is choose an outfit

Great this is gonna be fun

Hmm I think my black dress that is right at the top then goes flowy at the bottom

It sits perfectly on my thigh it isn't to long and isn't to short

The straps go well with the silver diamond necklace I'm wearing mainly because the straps are thin


I yelled from my room

"Yea what is it"

Abbey came in

"Wow you look stunning"

I complimented her.

"so do you even though you haven't finished hahahaha"

Abbey laughed a lot for no reason sometimes so I guess this was one of those times

"Thanks do you really think so?"

I asked kinda blushing


"Aww thanks Abbs"

"No problem, anyway what did u want me for?"

She asked confused

"Oh I wanted to know which shoes

My black stilettos or my black sparkly flats?"

I always need a second opinion with these decisions and most of the time so does Abbey


She keeps yelling I don't know why

"Ok ok I will"

And with that she left the room


Abbeys POV

Once Emma and I were ready we waited for about 5 minutes and then the doorbell rang


I yelled while walking down the hallway

I opened the door to two very handsome men

Harry styles and Louis Tomlinson

Louis though god I can't stop admiring him

"Hey Abbey, you look gorgeous"

I could feel my cheeks heating up

The last thing I want is for Louis to see me blush

"Thanks Louis your look pretty handsome your self"

Louis returned a smile

"Well Abbey this is Harry, Harry this is Abbey"

"Nice to meet you Abbey"

Harry shook my hand

"You too hang on a sec I will get Emma and we can go straight away"

"Sure thing"


I quickly walked down the hall way into Emma's room

Problem was Emma wasn't there


I all of a sudden heard her in the bathroom

I barged in to find a very anxious looking Emma sitting in the corner of the bathroom

God I have never seen her like this

"Emma my god are you ok?"

"Not really I'm really nervous"

God she can't back out now

"Emma I'm sorry love but we have to go, Harry is dying to meet you and this is your dream so come and make it come true"

I gave a reassuring smile hoping she would agree to come

Emma gave me a nod and we both walked down the hallway


Harrys POV

Louis and I stood at the door for a while actually

I'm starting to get worried that Emma won't want to date me

Probably because all she has heard is that I'm a womanizer or that I like older women

Sometimes I really hate the media they are always twisting words and situations to make me look like a complete and utter dick when I'm actually not

Well at least I don't think I am

After a while Abbey came back and following behind her was the most beautiful girl I have ever laid my eyes on my god it was almost like love at first sight

Louis did warn me she is shy at first especially because she is a huge fan but she apparently isn't the type to use people so we will just have to wait and see

"Hi Babe I'm Harry and you must be Emma?"

"Ah ah ahhh yes I'm Emma, nice to meet you"

She stuck her hand out and we shook hands

Wow she has soft hands and they are so small and petite just like her


Emma's POV


Wow real smooth Emma

Fucking dipshit

Harry looked great he was in a black suit with a white shirt so was louis we must really be going somewhere fancy

Jeez Harry looked good but like not good he looked so FUCKING sexy and hot wow

"Haha thanks love"

Harry laughed

"Ah pardon?"

What is he on about I didn't say anything

"You said I looked sexy and hot"

I all of a sudden felt my cheeks go as red as a tomato not even god dam mars good be as red as I was right now

"Oh my god. Did I say that out loud?"

"Ahhhh yea you did"

Louis said trying to control his laughter

God this is going to be a long night







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