Once in a Life Time

Abbey and her best friend Emma are about to live their dream and move to London.
What will happen when one of them run into someone who they thought they would never meet in a million years...
It all begins now


19. chapter 18

Abbeys POV

"And this is where Emma and I went to school" I said slowing down to find a park in the school car park.

"Cabra, kinda like Cadbury chocolate" Harry said chuckling

"No Harry" Emma said laughing

We got out of the car.

Nothing's really changed since i was last here which surprisingly was only last year.

"Should we go in ?" I said looking at Emma

"Well remember there are girls here, fangirls " Emma said keeping a serious face

"Mm i don't know.. Boys?" I said looking at all 5 boys

"Probably not the best idea" Liam said

"Oh Liam c'mon itd be funny " Louis said nudging him

"Louis" zayn said staring at him with wide eyes

They looked at eachother with cheeky grins

"Guys what are you planning" I said with a warning tone

"Oh nothing.." Zayn said

Both zayn and Louis nodded and then before I knew it the made a run for it towards the middle of the school which is a place surrounded by classes

"GUYS STOP" I said yelling quickly running after them

" WHAT CANT HEAR YOU SORRY" Louis yelled back laughing

"WE WILL GET IN TROUBLE" Emma said yelling

I looked back catching a breath to see the 3 other boys and Emma standing there shaking their heads

"Fuck" I muttered to myself

"LOUIS. ZAYN. YOUR DEAD MEAT" I said yelling and began to run after them again

I stopped in the middle of all the classes realising the boys had gone

"Arghhhh" I yelled

"Abbey?" I turned around to see. Him.

My first love

All of a sudden all the memories of us came rushing back the good the bad. The bad. The good.

"Ah I ah.. Justin?" I said finally get it out

"Abbey it's so good to see you.. What are you doing here?" He questioned

"I could say the same to you" I said smiling

"Oh ha yea I was coming back to get some of my exams printed off, I'm going to university in England soon" he said looking down playing with his hands

"Oh that's ah great" I said

What the fuck England really.

"Yea.. So why are you here?" He questioned

"LITTLE ONE WE LOST YOU" Niall said running up and hugging me almost knocking me over

"Ni get offfff" I complained

I heard a cough a looked up realising justin was still standing there

I straightened my self up

"Oh ah Justin this is my best friend Niall" I said pointing to niall

"Niall, nice to meet you" Justin said shaking his hand

"Yea you too" Niall said smiling

"The others are coming they went to look for zayn and Louis" Niall said laughing

"Others?" Justin asked confused

"Um" before I could finish everyone came walking over

The look on Emma's face was priceless

She kind of hates justin

"Justin "


They both said staring

"Hey baby" Louis said coming over and wrapping his arm around me

"Lou you and zayn are both dead to me" I said giggling

"Aye aye aye we didn't get caught now did we?" Louis said poking my nose

I rolled my eyes and turned back to justin

"Sorry where are my manners, Louis, Zayn, Liam, Harry this is Justin.. A good friend of mine " I said awkwardly smiling

This is so fucking awkward

"Justin?" Louis questioned raising an eyebrow at me

"Yes Justin" I said giving him a stern look

"Nice to meet ya lad" Louis said shaking his hand

"I ah I better get going, nice meeting you guys, and ah abbey here's my new number.. Call me sometime there's a lot we need to catch up on I see" he says laughing

"Oh yea thanks, see ya justin" I said waving

2 hours later

Emma's POV

Argh I can't believe Justin. Course he had to be there. I bet he hasn't left Abbeys mind since she saw him.

Poor louis he has no idea what he is about to go through

"Em are you alright" Harry said stroking my leg

"Yea why not?" I said smiling

"I know your lying but I'm not gonna force it out of you" Harry said grabbing my hand

"Thanks haz. We should probably go back inside with everyone else" I said getting up from the step outside abbeys kitchen


We walked in to hear everyone laughing and talking

I love these people. Their my family.

"Soooo guys we have our first show tomorrow night you guys coming?" Liam said

"Yea of course Li" I said smiling

"WHOO ok" Harry said excitement beaming in his voice

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