Once in a Life Time

Abbey and her best friend Emma are about to live their dream and move to London.
What will happen when one of them run into someone who they thought they would never meet in a million years...
It all begins now


16. Chapter 15

Emmas POV 

I woke up realising where i was. In my room. in Australia.. ew.  i thought to myself and smiled because man I'm just fucking hilarious. I rolled over knocking into harry... remembering we were sharing a single bed. "Shit" i whispered to myself " Goodmorning to you to" Harry said chuckling with his raspy morning voice. Still having his eyes shut. "Sorry Haz, i didn't meant to wake you up.. i kinda forgot we are in a single bed" i said laughing to myself "its okay Babe" harry said sitting kissing me on the cheek. " i hope you don't mind but i ah kind slept naked.." Harry said blushing "harry don't you always" i said laughing "Yea but I'm in your house, your parents are literally in the room across from us" harry said smiling "Yea good point but its my room. and well they know not to come near it. "i said firmly "Classic Emma" harry said jokingly and placing kiss on my nose. 


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