Once in a Life Time

Abbey and her best friend Emma are about to live their dream and move to London.
What will happen when one of them run into someone who they thought they would never meet in a million years...
It all begins now


15. Chapter 14

Abbeys POV 

Should i tell him? having to relive the whole thing. the feelings.. emotions 

im not sure if its worth it but then again i dont want to upset louis and make him feel like i can't talk to him about things.. 

" i ah yea i guess" i said looking down taking my hand away from his 

"its okay gorgeous you can tell me" louis said taking my hand again giving me a reassuring look

"His name was Justin, he was my first for everything.. " 

"you mean like.. you lost your virg-"  louis began but i cut him off 

"yes. i was only 14 " i said looking down waiting for him to freak or judge me 

"I'm not judging you" i looked at louis and gave him a thankful smile

"we were together for years but on and off. one day i could just tell he and i were done so i ended it. coldly too. i shut him out i just said we are done hung up deleted his number, Facebook, snapchat, insatgram every picture i have ever had with him in it or even that I've taken when being around him. I guess i was afraid of my own happiness and i was insecure. Fragile..Knowing he had cheated on me once.. i needed someone who could commit themselves to me and he just couldn't do that anymore, he wanted to be out with other girls doing all the usual teenage boy stuff. which i understood and thats why i ended it, for his sake. as much as it hurt both of us. two days later of me not replying to his texts and him realising that i had deleted him off of everything he called me. i had to answer i felt so guilty. we had a really long conversation he was crying so was i. he told me { B one day you'll find someone who can give you everything, be there for you for you highs and your lows and appreciate you for who you really are. your an intelligent beautiful strong willed girl and any guy that get to tall you his, is the luckiest guy out there. I can guarantee you, you will find someone who will treat you like a princess. I Promise. Keep that necklace by your side just so you don't forget me, ill always care about you and love you. Forever And Ever.} weeks before this for my birthday he had given it to me.. and i guess he was right because now i have you! My world. The person who appreciates me for who i am. " i said taking a huge breath, and let out a sigh almost a sigh of relief 

im glad i was able to tell louis now all i can do is wait for his reaction.. 

Louis wrapped his arms around me, we stayed like that for a while until he pulled away and looked me in the eyes 

"Abbey ill never ever. ever hurt you! Not in a million years!" Louis said, soon leaning in to kiss my forehead 



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