Once in a Life Time

Abbey and her best friend Emma are about to live their dream and move to London.
What will happen when one of them run into someone who they thought they would never meet in a million years...
It all begins now


14. Chapter 13

I grabbed the "B" that hung on my necklace. Thinking back to my first love.. Something I'll always remember as the best and worst time of my life. He told me.. You'll find someone who can take care of you and treat like a princess, and that's something I can't do! You deserve the world B..

That's something that's never left my mind.. And he was right. I'm with louis now... The best person to walk this earth.

Louis POV

I was still staring at Abbeys beauty when she began to go deep into thought.. She started to grab her necklace.. After all this time we've been together I've never asked what it means cause early nothing starts with a."B".

"Hey ah Abbey.." I said with caution

"Huh?" She said loosing her train of thought

"Um what's that necklace mean to you? You've worn it everyday since the day I met you,." I said looking at her with an interested look

"Ah it's ah,. Just ah something someone I knew.. Gave it to me.." She said looking down making we want to know more

But I'm not sure I should ask

" do you want to tell me about it.." I said lifting her chin up

"My first love gave it to me" she said looking at me with worry

Her first love. She still wears it? Is she still inlove with them? Why does she wear it!

I was raging with question running through my mind not sure if I should ask or not

"Who? Why?" I said

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

My big mouth just had to open

"I'm sorry that came out wrong.. Wanna tell me the story behind it?" I said grabbing her hand

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