Once in a Life Time

Abbey and her best friend Emma are about to live their dream and move to London.
What will happen when one of them run into someone who they thought they would never meet in a million years...
It all begins now


12. chapter 11

Abbeys POV

Emma's parents and my parents decided to throw us a "welcome home" party although it's only for a while. It's a good way for the boys to meet our families. Recently Niall and I have gotten a lot closer and he's someone I tell everything to. Although all the other boys are my best friends Niall is on a total different level. He's like my brother.

We arrived at my house which is where our parents were throwing the party. Everything looks the same as it did when we left, we drove down the long driveway and turned into the round about infront of my house. I might add my house is quite large. When we got out we were straight away greeted by hugs and "I missed you" gestures.

I looked to my left and saw our best friend Sam standing there, Sam, Emma and I have been best friends for as long as I can remember.

" OH MY GOSH SAM!" I squealed running over to her and embracing her in a hug


She yelled in response. She then ran over to Emma and gave her a huge hug.

"Everyone, this is Louis, Liam, Harry, Zayn and Niall!" I yelled

We then individually introduced one another, Emma's parents to them all, Sam, and then followed by my parents. It was so exciting for the boys to see where Emma and I grew up.

A few hours later..

Emma's POV

This has been so good catching up on everything. It's half 6 and we've had figure out who's staying where.

There's not enough room for us to all stay at Abbeys and I also wanted to go home to sleep since I hadn't seen my sister or brother in months. We decided that Zayn, Harry, Liam and I would go back to my house and Niall would stay At abbeys with Louis and Abbey, I also think Sammy's staying there too.

I pulled Abbey aside for a minute

"Abbs Sam is still single right?" I said with a smug smile

"Yes yes she is" Abbey said looking at me with a mischievous grin

"Plan Nammy" I said laughing

"You bet! We are only here for a week so we better make the most of it! I'll have Sammy in the spare room and niall in the one next to it" I said givin a wink

We both laughed and walked back to everyone saying our goodbyes

"Bye guys" I said whilst walking out grabbing Harry's hand

Abbeys POV

We walked upstairs to the next level

"Ni this is your room and Sam you can have my old room" I said pointing to the rooms next to each other

"If you ever get lonley your buddy o pal will be right next to ya" I said winking at Niall

"sure thing" Niall said smiling at Sammy

"We will be back in a minute"

I grabbed louis' hand and led him into the study to reveal a hidden door that led to my room upstairs

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