2014 starts off bad for Cambrie. But will a cute Irish men and his mates make it better, or will she have more problems with her ex boyfriend.
Warning some bad language. Rated PG

<<first fanfic. Please no hate>>


1. left alone.

I looked up at the sky the sun just starting to rise. The Colors were amazing. My boyfriend Kevin and I were walking home from a New Year's Eve party and he was super drunk. He stumbled and fell all over the place. He always did this when we went out. I just followed him is silence. He gets mad when he's drunk so I tend to keep quite. He suddenly stops and turns towards me. "Who was that other guy you were talking to tonight" he slurred his words as he talked. "That was Mike he is my bosses son". I tried to remain calm. "You like him. Don't you?" I slowly nodded my head no. "Your lying!" He screamed. I slowly began to cry. He ran towards me and pushed me down. I landed on the cold cement. "Please don't do this" I begged and he stared throwing stuff at me. "Please" I continued to beg as he got more upset. "Shut up you stupid bitch". He leaned in and spat on my face. I went quiet as he walked away. I slowly sat up. I couldn't see him anywhere. Suddenly he came around the corned with a large branch off of a tree. He walked over and began to beat me with it. "This will teach you. You stupid slut." He began to hit me as I screamed in pain. He finally stopped. Threw the stick into the trees and leaned in close. I could smell the alcohol on his breathe. "Maybe if I leave you here for awhile you'll learn your lesson". He spat one than stood up again and walked off. I tried to get up, but I couldn't. My whole body hurt and I was bleeding really bad. I just laid there ready to die. The day went on and I still couldn't get up. I finally decided to give up and just die. It was dark again and I was still just laying there when I heard a ton of screaming. I tried to look where it was coming from bit couldn't see anything. I just decided to stay. Suddenly I heard a bunch of voices from inside the building I was near. The back door to a restraunt suddenly burst open and 7 people burst threw. I sat quietly. Listening to them. "Don't worry boys, the car will be here soon." A very deep voice told the group. "Good. That was crazy. Harry you ok the one chick grabbed a ton of your hair." That voice sounded familiar. "Ya I'll be fine" that must be the Harry kid. "Hey what's that" an Irish boy said. I lay still. Did they see me? I heard foot steps coming toward me. "Hey babe are you ok" I slowly looked up and drew in a sharp breathe. Because there right in front of me where the most beautiful, blue eyes I have ever seen starring at me.

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