Does it make you feel alive?

I'm just an ordinary girl from Mullingar. Yes where the famous Niall Horan lives. If you are wondering yes I have been his neighbour for my whole life. Then on the xfactor auditions he asked me to come with him so I did. I was there from auditions to boot camp. I saw him fail but then he stole the world. Him and his mates. Well his best friends. I was once in that spot but he forgot about me. He never mentioned me in his childhood. I guess that's what happens when you become famous. But the day he comes back to Mullingar will he remember me? He best friend from birth. We were both born on the same day but I guess he will just forget me like he did when he went around the world.


1. Chapter 1 (He comes back)

I was standing out from about to start skating when I saw a car. Niall's car pull up I just put on my shoes and skated past his house. 5 boys hoped out. First Niall, then Liam, then Harry, then Louis but last was Zayn. Niall saw me skate past and he said "Boys that's the girl of my dreams." I looked back shocked. And just kept skating. He just smirked at me. Harry yelled "Jess your hot. Niall said he would date you any day. But I think I will get you first." I turned around and when to my ramp that was on the path. Niall said "Watch this." They all watched me skate to my ramp and I flew in the air and flipped my board. They all seemed shocked. I laughed "Keep you mouth closed fly are about this time of the year." Niall said "We grew up together. We know each other like the back of my hand. Oi Jess what time were we born?" I said "You were 11:30 and I was 11:32." He said "Told ya."

I skated over and said "Fancy a swim Horan and you weirdos just staring at me. Okay I have nicknames for yous already. Harry your perv. Zayn you are Malik. Liam is Batman. Louis Louis you are Superman." Niall said "Of course I would Hood. Fancy a cheeky swim lads." Our Irish accents matched perfectly. They all agreed and I ran inside got my bright blue bikinis and changed. I put denim shorts on and a tank top. I seem like a Niall but I'm not well I'm a girl version. I walked out and they asked except Niall "Where you bikinis." Niall said "Wait for it." I slid off my tank top. And got on my skate board. Harry was checking me out and Niall said "Jess I can not have Harold here checking out my chick." I joked "Since when was I yours Horan?" He said "Since now. Well birth." I yelled "Horan I never agreed this crap."

Mom came out and said "Just get going Hood." I yelled "Bye Mommy." Then I skated off while Niall and that drove. They went past and Niall said "Come on jump in the car you are having to much work out. It's to hot for that." I sighed "Fine Horny Horan. Guessing I'm sitting on your lap like all the other times." He smiled "Yep Horny Hood." I jumped in throw the window. Basically showing off. And my ass bone went into Niall crotch. He groaned. He said "Your gonna pay Hood." I jokes "Aw is Horan gonna fuck me again?" Liam said "Again?" Niall laughed "Yep since we turned 14 every time she would hurt my crotch she would have to pay me with sex." Liam said "Not when I'm here." I said "Oh poor LiLi. NiNi could you give me a drink of your coke." He joked "Jesse I could but I couldn't and I most likely won't." I said "Mom is going on a business trip for a month tonight." He said "Deal." They all gave disgusting looks and Liam said "You better not get her pregnant Horan we don't want another eating machine in our tour bus." I said "Hey we both could eat a fucking cow and whale. Oh and we already do." Liam said "What Horan you got some explaining to do."

He explained "Well he is like one now. And his name is Josh. He eats as much as Jess and I do. He is the cutest fella out. Nah we are joking dickhead." Me and Niall cracked up laughing. Niall said "Lou left at the next corner and we are there." Louis then turns left and we were there. We went in and No one noticed the boys lucky. I took off my shorts and I felt 5 sets of eyes on me. I turned to as the whole band staring at me ass. I just walked off and dived in. I got to the surface and I have 5 guys jump around me. And then two sets of hands went up my bikini top...


Yo. I'm new and this is my first book. Well I was on this other app Wattpad and I wrote a lot of 1D fanfics and yeah I had so many views on one of them and yeah hope yous like it.

~Jess ❤️

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