Johnnys son stole my heart

Johnny tomlinson is my English teacher his son Louis moved to our schools hey begin to fall for each other.


9. things are coming together

Harry's P.O.V

I woke up to the sun breaking through the curtains I sat up and groaned I got out of bed and walked to the lounge room where I saw Louis and emily crying into each others arms I rolled my eyes and walked to the kitchen to make a coffee Louis walked in "hey lo.." "Don't talk to me" he said "look I'm sorry" I say "doubt that" he says "I really am I just couldn't stop myself" I said "well maybe you should've moved away" he says "I couldn't think straight, you have her back so don't fucking worry!" I yell emily walks in "hello love" I say she ignores me and walked to Louis "emily I'm sorry" I say "it's ok Harry really" she says I Just smile at her and pour the boiling water into the mug and sit down at the table.

Louis' P.O.V

"Let's go downstairs for breakfast" i say "ok I'll just get ready" she said and walks away "does anyone want to come downstairs for breakfast?" I ask "yeah sounds good" they all say I walked to my room to get ready


"Let's go" I yell we all walk out the door I held Emily's hand we went down the elevator to the buffet breakfast we sat at the nearest table "mmmm I might eat the whole place" Niall says we all laugh "I would if I could" he chuckles we all went to get our food.

Emily's P.O.V

It smelled to good in here I walked to the waffles I put some ice cream and banana slices on top with some berries it looked amazing I walked to the juices and I got a orange juice I sat at the table Harry was the only one back from getting food "em I'm sorry for last night I wasn't thinking straight I feel so bad" Harry says "Harry it's ok, I'm sorry for screaming at you I just couldn't think of what else to do" I said hugging him "your a good friend" I tell him, he smiles "were back!" Niall shouts as they all sit down "how much food did you get?" I ask Niall "well I haven't eaten in like 14 hours I'm starving" he moaned "ok" I said we all begin to eat "so what's planned for today" zayn asks "well we are going on the London eye and then I don't know" Liam said, I am so scared of heights and worse enough I have a fear of water to. I will do it though I'm not going to back out, "sounds great" I say after we finish eating we walked back to our hotel room to get out stuff we ran upstairs and got everything we walked to our cars and we were off for the day

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