Johnnys son stole my heart

Johnny tomlinson is my English teacher his son Louis moved to our schools hey begin to fall for each other.


1. the new student

Authors note

Hi guys my name is emily and this is my first fan fiction so if it's not great I'm sorry, let me know if there is any mistakes please like and favourite xx love you all

My P.O.V

I walk into class to see a guy Sitting alone I had never seen him before so I decided to sit next to him he turned to me my eyes automatically were locked to him he was perfect he had messy brown hair and blue eyes "hello love I'm Louis" he said in a strong British accent I died a little "h-hi I'm e-mily nice to meet you" I say probably sounding like an idiot

Louis' P.O.V

"H-hi I'm e-mily nice to meet you" she said she was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen she had wavy brown hair with green/blue eyes she didn't wear much make up which I love she seemed like the insecure type but she shouldn't be she was just perfect "good morning class" my dad said walking in to the room "we have a new student he is my son and his name is Louis" he said everyone laughed except emily she just smiled great now everyone will hate me

Skip to lunch

Emily's P.O.V

Louis and I sat at the table "tell me about yourself Louis" I say "well as you already know my dad is a teacher I have four sisters and I have done acting all my life and play football how about you beautiful" he says "well my parents got divorced when I was 10 so it's just my mom and I, I'm a part time model" I say "wow a model" he said "can I have your number?" He asked "yeah sure I'll get yours to" I say we sat and talked for the rest of lunch

After school

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